Centercode for Private Betas

Private (closed) beta tests represent the typical beta test, where a pre-release product is tested confidentially by a small subset of the product's intended target market.

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Product Management

Evaluate the total customer experience

Assess customer acceptance or MVP readiness

Solicit feature requests for roadmap validation

Perform competitive analysis


Identify bugs to improve quality

Evaluate real-world impact of known issues

Regression test resolved issues

Analyze and improve real-world performance

Test real-world compatibility


Study and improve user experience

Assess the new user experience


Test documentation and/or support materials

Test the product's support process


Collect mock reviews and/or NPS scores

Collect testimonials, references, or case studies

Acquire early adopters/evangelists

Generate product/launch awareness

Key Objective


Not Typical

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Project design and scoping

Limited internal resources

Tight and shifting schedules


Recruiting targeted candidates

Selecting qualified beta testers

Beta unit or release fulfillment


Maintaining confidentiality

Persistent user engagement

Collecting meaningful feedback


Appropriately rewarding participants

Evaluating and quantifying feedback

Distributing and incorporating feedback

Best Solution


Not Applicable

How Centercode Software Can Help Learn More »

  • Best practices project templates provide a framework for successful beta tests
  • Beta automation greatly reduces time investment while increasing engagement
  • A secure system designed to increase confidentiality
  • A panel of profiled customers reduces recruitment and ramp-up time
  • Targeted recruitment ensures relevant and accurate feedback
  • A flexible feedback engine provides structured feedback to meet your objectives
  • Integrations to existing defect tracking tools increase feedback visibility and impact
  • A single integrated system reduces friction and increases engagement and adoption
  • Scalable platform for beta tests and programs of any size

How Centercode Managed Betas Can Help Learn More »

  • Free beta test strategy (beta test plan) prior to commitment
  • No fees for delays or pauses
  • A dedicated team of expert beta test managers and beta support staff
  • Highly condensed beta periods (typically 2-4 weeks total)
  • Fully managed logistics (hardware/software distribution, incentives)
  • A panel of thousands of profiled and readily available testers
  • Guaranteed 100% tester engagement rates
  • Structured and filtered feedback matched to your specific objectives
  • Custom reports available for delivery or on-demand
  • Scalable offering for beta tests and programs of any size

Centercode Private Beta Test Customers

  • Apple
    Apple Consumer Hardware & Software
  • Dell
    Dell Computers, Networking, & Peripherals
  • TiVo
    TiVo Digital Video Recorders & Software
  • HP
    HP Consumer & Business Products
  • Comcast
    Comcast Internet, Digital Cable & Phone
  • Iomega
    Iomega Data Storage & Multimedia Devices
  • Time Warner
    Time Warner Media & Communications
  • Kodak
    Kodak Print & Digital Imaging Products
  • Nest Labs
    Nest Labs Consumer Hardware
  • Logitech
    Logitech PC & Entertainment Peripherals

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