Centercode for Consumer Betas

Consumer product focused beta tests typically target novice audiences split between multiple market segments, geographies, and technology ecosystems.

Consumer Beta Test Traits

  • Novice Users - Consumer tests often focus on target markets that are not necessarily computer or internet-savvy and may not even understand what a beta test is.
  • Large Participant Pool - Due to the mass market target of these products, consumer betas are often much larger than many other types of betas.
  • Focus on Geography - Consumers in different regions often react very differently to products. Consumer betas attempt to capture these impressions and judge the experiences of a widely dispersed pool of individuals.
  • Diverse Environments - Consumer products are generally used in a wide variety of environments. Consumer beta tests often target as many variations of environments as possible, which means supporting testers with many different configurations and ecosystems.

Consumer Beta Test Challenges

  • International Recruitment - Without the right resources it's challenging to build a diverse enough pool of participants to cover the regions a product may be released into.
  • Participant Selection - A poor selection of consumer participants may result in limited participation or entirely invalid feedback, which can actually be damaging to the success of the test. When selecting participants you need to consider your target market and the balance of demographics you're going for.
  • Non-Savvy Participants - Consumers often lack technical skills. This attribute may even be essential to the success of the beta. This factor often reduces participation due to the frustration of the participants.
  • Participant Direction - Consumer participants are often left to test any and all aspects of a product freely, without any specific direction toward the goals of the project. This often leads to diverse but shallow results.
  • Product Stability - Consumer participants are much more prone to become frustrated and give up on a beta product that does not meet their expectations, which is unfortunately contrary to the concept of beta testing.
  • Limited Activities - In consumer product betas you often cannot expect users to perform highly technical tasks (such as flashing a ROM). Keep this in mind when developing the goals for the beta test.
  • Wide Visibility - Consumer beta tests usually involve many different organizations within a company. It can be overwhelming ensuring that each team gets the data they need and their input considered.

How Centercode Software Can Help Learn More »

  • Community Building - The Centercode platform allows you to build a diverse international community of highly profiled customers interested in providing feedback on your products. Our tools reduce recruitment time on individual projects by ensuring a ready pool of candidates is always available.
  • Project Profiles - Centercode's Project Profiles allow you to establish clear goals for your projects, as well as track the progress of them as they are executed.
  • Participation Management - Our software offers a clear view of the participation of all users, along with tools to automatically notify them (and you) when testers aren't participating up to expectations.
  • Assume User - Centercode allows you to easily assume the identity of any user in the system, allowing you to complete surveys, report feedback, and perform any other action as if you were them. Using this feature means your users don't even have to use a computer to participate, as they can simply call.
  • Personal Portal - Centercode offers every user a personal portal tailored for their access rights, always displaying exactly what they need. This improves participation by providing a clear interface that only displays relevant features and information.

How Centercode Managed Betas Can Help Learn More »

  • Expert Recruiting - Our Managed Beta Team are experts at recruiting the right participants for any project. We maintain a growing international pool of potential test candidates, all of which have been heavily profiled for consumer related information including general demographics and details about a wide variety of products that they already own. In addition, when appropriate we also recruit outside our pool.
  • Simplified Participation - Our betas are all managed using our industry leading beta test management platform. This tool is designed to be extremely easy to use, eliminating the learning curve associated with similar portals. This tool is tried and tested by thousands of consumer beta participants.
  • Project Goals - Our betas are managed with a strict set of well defined objectives that keep participants focused and engaged at all times. This factor increases participation performance across the entire project.
  • Beta Readiness - Our beta team pre-trials every product we test in an effort to learn about the product and its state of stability, and gauge how this will affect the project and participants. If we believe that it would be detrimental for you to enter the beta phase given the current state of your product, we'll tell you.
  • Enhanced Visibility - Our software is designed so that various teams from your organization can participate in the beta testing process. This includes participating in forums, viewing feedback and survey results, and viewing or building reports.

Centercode Consumer Beta Test Customers

  • Apple
    Apple Consumer Hardware & Software
  • Dell
    Dell Computers, Networking, & Peripherals
  • TiVo
    TiVo Digital Video Recorders & Software
  • HP
    HP Consumer & Business Products
  • Comcast
    Comcast Internet, Digital Cable & Phone
  • Iomega
    Iomega Data Storage & Multimedia Devices
  • Time Warner
    Time Warner Media & Communications
  • Kodak
    Kodak Print & Digital Imaging Products
  • Nest Labs
    Nest Labs Consumer Hardware
  • Logitech
    Logitech PC & Entertainment Peripherals

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