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Announcing the Centercode Community Forums

We often hear from beta managers that they’d benefit from a broader sense of community among people who have that job. It’s easy to get information from peers within your company, but what if you want a fresh perspective from other people who have beta management experience? As it turns out, there’s an invisible thread that connects a lot of outgoing and helpful people in this industry — they’re Centercode customers. So we’re helping to spur interaction between them by launching the Connect Community Forums as part of our site.

The Details

Q: Will there be an additional fee for access to the forums?
A: Absolutely not. While we think this will be a really valuable resource for our clients, communities like this can be a great selling point for a product, so it will be included with your Connect license at no additional charge. Think of it as an extension of our support.

Q: If I’m not a Centercode customer, can I still access the forums?
A: Unfortunately, no. They’ll be hidden to people who don’t have customer accounts at By limiting the forums to customers only, we think we accomplish two things: (1) we can give beta, UAT, and CAT managers a community for talking shop that beta testers don’t mistakenly join; and (2) since everyone will be a Centercode customer, there is a kind of honor code that we believe will facilitate more open communication.

Q: Isn’t that kind of unfair for beta managers who aren’t customers?
A: Not entirely. You still have very viable places where you can discuss beta management topics. For starters, you can ask questions on you’d rather ask a question privately, we have a short form you can fill out. We want everyone to have good resources for beta management information, whether or not you’re a customer. The forums are just a special case, which we hope non-customer beta managers will understand.

Q: Really, though? There’s no way?
A: Well, technically, if you signed up for a free trial of Centercode, you’d have access to the forums during that time. On the other hand, once you see how much smoother your beta tests can be with Centercode, you might just want to become a paying customer. Consider yourself apprised of the risk.

Q: Okay, I’m convinced. What will I find in the Community Forums?
A: At first, the Community Forums will consist of four sub-forums: (1) Ask the Community, (2) Share Your Experiences, (3) Feature Requests, and (4) Centercode University. If they catch on, we may add more to help focus the conversations. But for now, we think these four will cover the basics.

  • Ask the Community is a place where you can ask anything, from simple questions about the Centercode platform to thoughtful discussions about beta management in general.
  • Share Your Experiences is aimed at sharing best practices, triumphs, frustrations, and anything else that’s relevant to beta, UAT, and CAT managers (and isn’t better-suited for Ask the Community).
  • Feature Requests is just as it sounds. That’s where we’ll be soliciting input on features and functionality that customers would like to see in future versions of Connect.
  • Centercode University is a place where we’ll be posting advanced tutorials (articles and videos) that will help you get more out of your Connect implementation.

Q: One more question. How do I access them?
A: Customers will be able to view the forums when they use their accounts to log in at Also, in Connect 9.4, managers and internal team members will be able to easily access the Community Forums through the Centercode Support bar that will be displayed along the top of the screen. If you have any questions about the forums, please let us know. We’ll be happy to fill in more details.

See our software in action with a free trial! Image courtesy of Flickr user drain.