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Different Ways to Invite People to Your Beta Test

  • Posted April 27th, 2017

One of the challenges of recruiting beta testers is eliciting interest from potential candidates. One way you can do this is by ensuring you have an attention-grabbing way to invite people to your beta test. Beta testers should represent a good spectrum of your product’s target market. With this in mind, you really need to […]

The 3 Elements of Recruiting Testers

  • Posted April 18th, 2017

Getting users into your beta test is often one of the first big challenges of preparing to run your beta test. Once you’ve figured out who your ideal tester is (which should represent a diverse range of your target market), you’re going to have to start thinking about how you plan to onboard them into […]

Our Most Popular Beta Testing Resources of 2016

  • Posted January 18th, 2017

Beta testing can be daunting, so throughout the year we publish valuable tools and resources that can help ease many of the challenges. From blog posts and case studies to in-depth whitepapers and eBooks, we provide customer validation advice and best practices for companies big and small, no matter what product you’re launching. So if […]

The Travel Industry Dives into Wearable Tech at CES 2017

  • Posted January 4th, 2017

The new year is here, and with it comes CES 2017. The Las Vegas-based expo holds the reputation of being the place to see what the future of tech might look like. As expected, hundreds of different wearables, home automation and IoT products, eye-popping smart TVs, and drones of every type and shape have taken […]

The Top Challenges Facing the Beta Testing Industry

  • Posted December 29th, 2016

Customer validation is a crucial stage of the product development lifecycle, but we’ve found that the beta testing industry across the board is still in its infancy. Between a fragmentation in the terminology used for this type of testing and no standard for who is in charge of these tests within a company, there are […]

Webinar on Beta Testing Hardware Products

  • Posted December 12th, 2016

Did you miss this webinar? Not to worry — you can still download a recording of the webinar to watch later or share with your colleagues! With CES 2017 just around the corner, companies of every size and shape are preparing to announce their new products at the biggest tech event of the year. But […]

Come Meet with Us at CES 2017

  • Posted December 7th, 2016

Centercode is heading to Las Vegas, Nevada for the biggest tech event of the year: CES 2017! Hosted by the Consumer Technology Association, CES 2017 will be held from January 5-8. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the show is again set to be abuzz with tech companies of every size and shape showcasing their latest products […]

Human vs. Bot Testers

  • Posted November 30th, 2016

Testing your product before launch and collecting pre-release user feedback is a crucial part of the product development lifecycle. However, one question we’ve seen come up in the industry in recent years as automated testing becomes much more powerful is if human testers are needed for this type of testing anymore. If you’re trying to […]

The Different Roles in Charge of Beta Testing

  • Posted November 17th, 2016

A few months ago, we conducted a survey of professionals from over 260 companies to gain a better understanding of the customer validation industry. While all of the respondents played some role in their company’s beta program, 50% of them said they are directly involved with managing the actual testing. To get a better understanding […]

Beta Testing Q&A on the Pragmatic Marketing Live Podcast

  • Posted November 14th, 2016

After our recent webinar on using beta testing to give your product a competitive edge, the Pragmatic Marketing team invited our own Emily Hossellman onto their podcast to answer some follow-up questions.

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