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Delta Huddle Podcast: Episode 1 - History of Dogfooding

In this episode:

  • History of dogfooding
  • How dogfooding can benefit an organization
  • Tips for engagement on dogfood testing programs

Dogfooding, Alpha Testing, Internal Employee Testing, Drinking Your Own Champagne - or how about eating your own dog food until you’re drinking your own champagne? Call it whatever you’d like, but having your employees test your own products can be a force multiplier for improving quality and ensuring a successful product launch. But where did some of these terms come from and how can they be effective within your organization?

Chris Rader, VP of Marketing at Centercode and Tim Moehring, Program Manager at Centercode walk through the interesting history of Dogfooding and explain the benefits Dogfooding has to offer to an organization.

About Our Guests

Chris Rader, VP of Marketing at Centercode is an industry veteran, helping some of the world’s top brands to build, optimize, and revitalize their customer and employee programs.
Tim Moehring, Program Manager II at Centercode has run effective, successful product tests in the Centercode Services department for Fortune 500 organizations.


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or they're barking up the wrong tree

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[stefan_stenroos]: pun intended

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[chris_rader]: yeah