Featured Videos

Conference Welcome & CEO Keynote

with Luke Freiler, CEO @ Centercode

Delve into the evolution of the Customer Validation industry, and learn how its mission and strategy benefits organizations and promotes customer success.

Mobile Testing & Analytics with TestFairy

with Yair Bar-On, CEO @ TestFairy

Learn how to extend your customer testing program to easily collect tester analytics and media with the TestFairy mobile testing platform.

Building Program Awareness Within Your Organization

with John Little, Director of Product @ Centercode

Share your program's purpose beyond immediate project teams to build awareness through captivating exhibitions, inspiring stories, and product impact.

Creating a Culture of Testing Within Your Company

with Andrew Rios, Director of Field Testing @ Fitbit

Discover how industry leaders have successfully ingrained employee-testing into the core of their organizations' DNA to significantly increase the value of their program.

Expanding CV Results Throughout Your Organization

with Chris Rader, Product Manager @ Centercode

Many customer testing programs limit their value to quality. Diversify the use of your results by delivering meaningful customer-driven recommendations beyond engineering and quality teams.

Evangelizing Your CV Program to the World and The Bright Future of CV

with Luke Freiler, CEO @ Centercode

Learn tactics for promoting your Customer Validation efforts and encouraging your organization to embrace the value of customer-driven feedback.