Customer Validation Solutions
by Product Type

Connected Products

In a Connected World, Seamless Experiences Dictate Your Success

Leverage diverse real-world ecosystems to enhance your quality and customer experience.

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Media & Services

Captivate Your Audience by
Testing Early and Often

Products developed to entertain a market require validation from that market to avoid costly mistakes.

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Mobile Apps

Maintain Engagement and Maximize
Retention with Customer Testing

Increase brand confidence through end-to-end Customer Validation during app development.

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SaaS & Desktop Software

Partner with Your Customers to Ensure Ongoing Success

Use a full-coverage program to collect target market feedback that drives continuous development.

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Automotive Technology

Powerful Insights and Industry
Innovation Driven by Customers

Get ahead of the competition with customer-fueled actionable insights before release.

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Health & Fitness

Habit-Forming Products
with Enhanced Accuracy

Ensure your wearable and fitness devices consistently deliver high performance in the real world.

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Delightful Financial Intelligence
with Help from Your Market

Evolve your brand, power up your A.I., and deepen your relationships with customers pre-launch.

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Secure Market Share with a
Best-In-Class Product Experience

Deliver true peace of mind by engaging with
your customers early and often.

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