Automotive Technology

Successful Products and Services
Are Driven by Customer Feedback

Whether you are a carmaker or a provider of automotive services and aftermarket products, utilizing customer feedback during product development greatly reduces development costs and enhances your product’s success.

Leverage Your Product Experience to Secure the Buy

According to a J.D. Power survey, 53% of consumers read online content and reviews during their automobile decision-making process. Centercode’s solutions make it easy to collect real-world customer insights that helps you deliver exceptional experiences and generate positive product reviews.

Steer Ahead of the Competition with Early Customer Insights

Differentiate your brand and products with customer insights gathered through Customer Validation. The best companies leverage real-world feedback to soften pain points and amplify delights for industry-leading solutions that impress their audiences and edge out the competition.

Happy Customers Are Loyal Product Evangelists

Four out of ten potential buyers consider friends and family to be their most trusted source when making automotive purchases. Stay engaged with your most loyal customers and test new product concepts with Centercode’s Continuous Customer Testing and Customer Advisory Board solutions.

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Building the Voice of the Customer into
Your Product Development Process

Learn how to leverage feedback from your customers with different stakeholders in your company to drive product success.

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Actionable Product Insight Delivered On Demand

Since 2001, Centercode has helped the world’s leading companies manage hundreds of tests to gain deeper customer insight. Let our experts execute your customer testing projects so you can focus on building a successful product portfolio.

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Rapid, High-Impact Customer Tests

Centercode’s Customer Product Testing solution empowers teams managing Alpha, Beta, and Delta Tests to recruit target users, manage end-to-end projects, and analyze data to derive actionable product insights.

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Market Insights Fueled by Employee Product Testing

Dogfooding breaks down silos, spreads product knowledge, and turns development into a team effort. Leverage our end-to-end Employee Product Testing solution to execute rapid recruitments, gather insight-rich feedback, and promote a customer-centric culture.

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