SaaS and Desktop Software

Co-Create Industry-Leading Products
That Captivate Your Markets

With the increasing complexity of business strategies, success for software means being able to continuously address the diverse and evolving needs of many user and stakeholder groups. Getting your customers involved in development early on is the only way
to co-create customer-validated solutions that make your competitors green with envy.

Identify Bugs Early and Avoid Crippling Dev Costs

The cost of fixing an issue after release can be up to 100x higher than if it were fixed prior to launch. Leveraging customer feedback helps you resolve issues early to save money on engineering and support.

Reduce Churn by Aligning Your Roadmap to Real Customer Needs

Co-create features and functions that ensure high customer retention by using Customer Validation to discover product pain points and delights.

Industry Leaders Capture New Markets with Help From Customers

Leverage pre-release product insights from your customers to improve your product, hone your messaging, and capture new opportunities.

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Running a Successful B2B Beta Test

Use these best practices to save time, money, and resources during your B2B Beta Test so you can hit the ground running at launch with happy customers.

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The Premium Customer Testing Platform
for Successful Companies

Fuel development, expand testing coverage, and ensure high-quality product releases with help from your target market and Centercode's Customer Product Testing solution.

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Instant Access to Insights for
Co-Creating with Key Customers

Engage with a group of key customers to capture feedback that drives your product roadmap, messaging, and release decisions for better adoption and retention after launch.

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Stay in Tune with the Voice of Your Customers to Ensure Successful Future Releases

Remain flexible while improving your product with continuous customer feedback that helps refine your product roadmap.

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"For people who are making SaaS products, Centercode is really the best tool for disseminating builds and Beta content, as well as collecting feedback and generating reports that are easy for different internal teams to work with as they continue to improve their products."

Ryan Arnold Customer Validation Program Manager

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