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Enhance Your Product Launch Outcomes with Customer Validation

Every year, thousands of new IoT and connected products are introduced into the market, and a large majority fail to gain traction with customers due to compatibility and complexity issues. Put yourself ahead of the game by leveraging Centercode’s Customer Validation solutions to enhance your product testing efforts and gain greater customer insight.

Reduce Launch Delays with Enhanced Customer Validation Testing

Go beyond bug-hunting and enrich the value of your quality testing with feedback from real customers testing your IoT products in real environments. Centercode delivers the only tool designed to make integrating real users into your Alpha and Beta Testing initiatives easy, efficient, and cost-effective.

Support Team Success Starts with Early Customer Feedback

Today’s Support teams play a key role in ensuring customer satisfaction with your product and your brand. Nearly one-fourth of IoT support calls result in customers returning the product. Customer Validation testing helps identify pre-release product issues and ensures your Support team is ready on Day 1.

Successful Companies Don’t Wait for Launch to Gather Feedback

It’s a fact: more than 80% of new IoT product launches fail to make a positive first impression. In a marketplace where product experiences are communicated publicly and instantaneously, it can be fatal to wait until after release to collect and act on feedback from real customers.

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Testing IoT Products Beyond the Lab

Discover customer testing techniques that help you address the specific challenges involved with delivering high-performance connected products.

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Enhance Your Customer Testing Program

67% of customer churn can be prevented by resolving issues early. Disrupt the IoT industry and beat the competition by leveraging your target market before launch. Customer-validated feedback provides insights on your product roadmap, reveals customer expectations, and ensures the product works in customer environments.

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Stay In Tune with the Voice of the Customer to Ensure Successful Future Releases

As project teams become more agile and continuous development becomes more established, your ability to remain flexible with the help of customer feedback is key if you want to keep up. Ensure your testing and development teams leverage customer feedback to produce high-quality products with Continuous Customer Testing.

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Actionable Product Insight Delivered On Demand

Since 2001, Centercode has helped hundreds of companies manage customer tests to improve their products and gain greater product insight. Don't stress about limited experience, resources, or time - let our experts manage your customer testing projects so you can focus on building a successful product portfolio.

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"It’s so critical for IoT devices to be able to connect to WiFi, interface with other devices on the network, and complete firmware updates automatically. Centercode helps us get our products into people's hands quickly so we can validate that things are working the way users expect and provide more value to our hardware and software teams."

John Crick Customer Experience Manager

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