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The best security solutions are not only reliable and safe, but they are delightful to customers. Industry-leading cybersecurity companies leverage Centercode to capture real Customer Validation feedback before product release and avoid the crippling costs of product experiences that don't meet market expectations.

Effective Testing Means Trustworthy Products

Success in the cybersecurity space means having a zero-tolerance attitude towards failure. Products that launch with major defects are costly and can cripple organizations. Leverage pre-release customer feedback to identify defects, define your product roadmap, and create highly successful products.

Fixing Bugs Sooner Reduces Dev Costs and Protects Your Brand

The cost of fixing an issue after release can be up to 100x what it would cost to fix it before launch. Customer Validation testing helps you identify and resolve issues early-on to reduce development costs and protect your company’s reputation.

Stay Ahead of the Market with Continuous Customer Testing

When it comes to security, your product is only as good as the latest cybercrime breach it prevents. Continuous customer feedback ensures your team has access to immediate insights that help ensure happy and secure customer experiences.

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Running a Successful B2B Beta Test

Use these best practices to save time, money, and resources during your B2B Beta Test so you can deliver market-leading security solutions with greater ROI.

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The Premium Solution for Customer Testing

Managing Alpha, Beta, and Delta Tests doesn't have to be complicated. Leverage Centercode's end-to-end solution for executing customer tests to achieve high participation rates, collect actionable feedback, and develop a high-value testing program.

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Instant Insights with a Customer Advisory Board

Engage with trendsetters to capture feedback that drives product adoption, converts evangelists, and informs product teams. Centercode's Customer Advisory Boards are the most brand-empowering solutions for influencer-driven product development.

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Agile Development's Best Friend is Continuous Feedback

Improve your product build by build and remain flexible with testing that is aligned with your market and needs. Continuous Customer Testing improves product quality, helps prioritize your backlog, and empowers your team to Launch with Confidence.

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"The Centercode Platform makes it much quicker and easier for us to onboard users, manage our projects, and collect feedback. And being able to access Centercode’s industry knowledge helps us improve our processes, better manage our team, and improve tester engagement."

Toni Ruch Beta Community Manager

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