Health and Fitness

Leverage Customer Insights to Launch Products That Excite Customers

Launching a health and fitness product isn’t for the faint of heart. Competition is fierce and customers are always looking for the next best thing. Leverage pre-release product feedback to eliminate uncertainty, create exceptional experiences, and deliver customer-validated products that will have your market signing up for more.

Great Fitness Products Start with Knowing Your Market

Every year, hundreds of new fitness products are introduced, but it's extremely difficult to make a lasting impression. In a marketplace where product experiences are communicated instantaneously, waiting until release to find out if customers will like your product can be fatal.

Better Engagement with the Voice of Your Customers

In the fitness market, your brand is often seen through the lens of its latest release, so it's crucial to get it right. With on-demand customer feedback at your fingertips, your product team can quickly identify new roadmap opportunities and product improvements that keep customers engaged.

Reduce Development and Support Costs

Support calls and post-development maintenance are costly. Resolving a product issue after release can be up to 100x costlier than if it were fixed prior to launch. Leverage pre-release customer feedback to reduce support call volumes, improve time to closure, and keep dev focused on improving the next big release.

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Testing IoT Products Beyond the Lab

Discover customer testing techniques that help you address the specific challenges involved with delivering high-performance health and fitness products.

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Flexibility and Power from an End-To-End Solution

Leverage the most powerful solution for integrating real users in real environments into your Alpha, Beta, and Delta Tests. Centercode’s centralized, easy-to-deploy tool empowers teams to manage repeatably successful customer tests.

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Product Insights from Customer Zero

Industry-leading companies leverage dogfooding as a source of knowledge and direction for product improvements and operational enhancements. It's time to modernize your employee product testing with the most comprehensive solution.

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Instant Insights with a Customer Advisory Board

Engage with trendsetters to capture feedback that drives product adoption, converts evangelists, and informs product teams. Centercode's Customer Advisory Boards are the most brand-empowering solutions for influencer-driven customer testing.

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