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Deliver Chart-Topping Apps

In a sea of nearly 6 million mobile apps and growing, customer retention and usage are top of mind. By leveraging a modern solution for Beta Testing with Customer Validation, you can surface actionable product recommendations and customer insights to increase your user base, retain customers, and hit the top of the charts.

Your App’s First Impression Is Its Most Important One

Less than 30% of mobile users return to an app after downloading it. Leveraging feedback during product development helps you launch a stickier app - one that meets customer needs and keeps them coming back.

Collect Real-World Feedback to Deliver Highly Engaging Products

Collecting product feedback from real customers in real environments before release helps you fine-tune your product and capture larger audiences, putting your team on the path to positive ROI.

Identify Bugs Early and Avoid Crippling Dev Costs

The cost of fixing an issue after release can be up to 100x higher than if it were fixed prior to launch. Be sure to resolve issues early-on to save money on engineering and support.


Software Beta Test Planning Kit

Leverage these insider tips and best practices for executing high-output software Beta Tests on time and on target for increased stickiness at launch.

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Leverage Ongoing Customer Engagement to Deliver More Successful Releases

Stay ahead of the competition by tuning in to customer insight. Leverage continuous customer feedback to make sure your team has access to insights and ideas that can be used throughout your mobile app’s product life cycle.

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Replace Existing Tools and Make Your Team’s Life Easier

Managing Beta projects doesn't have to be complicated. If your current set of tools is causing constant errors and headaches, it's time to upgrade to an end-to-end platform for managing all of your customer tests and feedback.

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Leverage the Power of Employee Insight

Dogfooding is powerful because employees know your brand and products, and have expertise in their field. Rather than compiling their feedback via email and losing valuable data, leverage a comprehensive solution for managing employee product tests.

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