Managed Beta Tests

Our team of beta professionals delivers actionable, prioritized feedback in less time, giving you the information you need to build successful, higher quality products.

Unique Advantages

  • Focus on your product release, not your beta program
  • Scalable expert resources available on-demand
  • Cut your beta periods to a fraction of the time (typically 2-3 weeks)
  • Enthusiastic testers picked directly from your target market
  • Greatly reduced confidentiality risks
  • Gather enormous amounts of feedback from a small audience
  • Measurable ROI designed into every test

Managed Beta Service Overview Toggle Details

Beta Design (~2 Weeks)

  • Discovery Meeting > Beta Test Plan Every successful beta test begins with a thorough plan. We begin with a discovery which enables us to develop a comprehensive beta test plan for you at no cost. Your plan will cover the product details, objectives, target market, schedule, stakeholders, feedback strategy, and much more.
  • Project Design and Setup It's essential that your project is well structured and easily accessible. Our beta tests are all managed with the Centercode platform, our industry leading beta test management software. We'll handle creating your custom project within our tool — including feedback types, surveys, tasks, user forums, and more; all designed to meet the objectives of your beta test plan.
  • Participant Recruitment & SelectionRelevant feedback comes from targeted and motivated beta testers. We'll recruit a pool of enthusiastic beta candidates who meet the qualifications of your test — including geography, technology, interests, and experience. We'll survey all of the applicants to narrow our selection down to the most fitting testers based on your market objectives.
  • Confidentiality ManagementConfidentiality is crucial to many beta tests, but often intimidating to those in charge. We'll work with your testers to ensure they not only understand the confidentiality requirements, but also complete the required legal documents (NDAs, etc.)
  • Product Distribution Distributing unreleased products outside of your established systems can be both challenging and time-consuming. We'll handle the logistics of distributing your product to customers. This includes shipping of hardware, or secure distribution of software — including allocation of product keys, if necessary. We'll ensure that each tester receives the unit in a timely fashion and is ready to go at project kickoff.

Beta Management (Quoted Period)

  • Tester Readiness (Tier 1 Support) Unprepared testers will derail a project before it even begins. We'll proactively ensure that each and every tester is ready, willing, and able to test at all times. In addition, we'll be your first line of defense, supporting testers for any problems that they encounter throughout your test.
  • Feedback Filtering (Bug Reports, Feature Requests, Journals) A fire hose of information offers little value. We'll triage all your incoming feedback by marking duplicates, requesting additional information when feedback is unclear, and tagging both a related objective and severity to each piece of feedback to help determine the impact of that feedback to your product. The result is a stream of filtered and actionable customer feedback.
  • Beta Activity Management (User Forums, Surveys, Tasks, etc.) Keeping a beta test running smoothly is a time-consuming task. We'll handle the day-to-day activities of effectively managing your test. This includes moderating forums and hosting discussions, surveying users for specific goal-oriented information, and assigning tasks to focus efforts or ensure test coverage.
  • Participation Management The principal challenge of nearly every beta is keeping testers engaged throughout the entire test. We'll use a variety of techniques and best practices to proactively monitor and reach out to your testers, rewarding positive performance and motivating any who might fall behind. Our efforts and tactics result in exceptionally high participation rates from beginning to end.
  • Weekly Beta Meetings Keeping your team informed on an ongoing basis is critical to your beta impacting the successful release of your product. We'll coordinate weekly team meetings at your convenience in order to share the latest information regarding your test.
  • Requested & Scheduled Reports A successful beta test introduces an enormous amount of customer and product data. While you'll always have direct access to your project data within our system, you're free to request whatever data you'd like at any time. In addition we'll send weekly reports containing key metrics on the state of your test.

Beta Closure (~1 Week)

  • Product Collection Retrieving products from highly enthusiastic fans can be a difficult proposition. We'll work to ensure that testers understand this obligation, and do the heavy lifting to ensure that each unit is promptly returned.
  • Incentive Program Management Coordinating and distributing rewards to testers is another time-consuming and ill-timed task. In addition to designing your incentive program, we monitor eligibility and handle distributing rewards.
  • Extended Data Access Beta results are a valuable source of product and customer insight long after the test is over. We'll keep your data online and available to you after your test is complete, including reporting tools to let you dig in and analyze your information.
  • Wrap-up Meeting / Closure Report Disseminating diverse results from a variety of disciplines is a difficult task. We'll handle building a report which ties your results directly to the goals set at the beginning of the test — ensuring focus on the specific objectives you set out to achieve with your beta test.

Customer Success Case Study

See how we helped FSG achieve customer validation for their new Facebook game.
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Our Managed Beta Commitments

The following are our core commitments to ensure that you absolutely love your Centercode beta test.

  • Your Beta Plan is Completely Free We'll develop a custom beta test plan based on your objectives at no cost — with a quote attached. You can then choose to hire us to run the project, license our software and run it yourself, or take the plan and go an entirely different direction.
  • You Have Complete Approval of Your Beta Testers Once the plan is complete and the project is approved, we'll begin recruiting candidates who meet your target market. This typically takes 3-5 days. If we're unable to meet your targeted objectives (or for any reason you don't approve of the candidates we found), you can call off the test at no cost. Alternatively you can allow us more time to identify additional candidates (at no extra cost).
  • We Never Charge for Delays or Pauses We want the test to begin when the product is truly beta ready, and we understand that initial schedule shifts are out of your control. For this reason, we do not charge in any way for launch delays. Similarly, if you run into a snag during your project, we believe it's in the best interest of everyone involved (you, us, and the testers) to pause the project and continue as soon as the product is ready.
  • We'll Deliver 100% Participant Engagement The single biggest challenge of nearly every beta test is participant engagement. Typical beta tests have an average participation rate of 20-30%, meaning that more than 2/3 of all testers simply walk away with the product. After more than 10 years of averaging above 90% participation rates, we decided it was in the best interest of our clients to go a step further, offering a 100% engagement rate — meaning that the number of testers you're quoted is the minimum that will engage in your Centercode Managed Beta. This guarantee offers you predictability in ensuring adequate coverage and testing by your target market. Learn More »

Centercode Managed Beta Clients

  • Alcatel Onetouch
    Alcatel OneTouch Mobile Technology
    alcatel onetouch tct consumer hardware mobile 2013
  • Belkin
    Belkin Networking & Peripherals
    belkin consumer business hardware mobile
  • Cricut
    Cricut Creative Hardware
    cricut consumer hardware creative 2013
  • Denon
    Denon Audio Entertainment
    denon consumer hardware audio 2013
  • Gaikai
    Gaikai Streaming
    Digital Entertainment
    gaikai consumer internet streaming gaming startup
  • HP
    HP Consumer & Business Products
    hp consumer business hardware
  • Logitech
    Logitech PC & Entertainment Peripherals
    logitech consumer hardware mobile gaming audio video
  • Plantronics
    Plantronics Hands-Free Headsets
    plantronics business consumer hardware audio telephony
  • T-Mobile
    T-Mobile Mobile Phones & Networks
    tmobile consumer hardware mobile internet service telephony

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