Managed Hardware Tests

Our managed hardware tests focus on targeted customer validation of physical products. We've run tests for everything from home thermostats to complex networking equipment.

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  • Minimal Units Necessary Pre-production hardware is generally both expensive and difficult to acquire. Our tests are designed to maximize the efforts of our testers, requiring far fewer participants to achieve a great deal of feedback. If units are extremely scarce, we can design test phases that reuse the same units across multiple users.
  • Beta Unit Distribution We'll handle all product distribution logistics, ensuring that testers receive their units in a timely fashion, maximizing their window for providing feedback.
  • Targeted Hardware Ecosystem We can recruit testers with a variety of hardware meeting your specifications to ensure broad compatibility in real environments. Our recruiting best practices result in much higher than average (often 100%) participation rates, giving you more relevant, valuable feedback.
  • Accelerated Testing Phases Slipping hardware dates can be extremely detrimental. Our processes allow us to achieve high levels of feedback in a very short time, so your release schedule stays on track.
  • Out of the Box Testing Out of the box testing focuses on the initial first impressions of your customers, ensuring they understand any initialization or installation procedures associated with getting started with your product. This valuable feedback can inform your marketing and support teams, minimizing returns of your product.
  • Firmware Upgrade and Testing We can handle firmware upgrades at our site, or support testers in handling it themselves. This way if show-stopping bugs pop up, you don't have to stop the test and start over from square one.
  • Beta Unit Retrieval There are many good reasons (including legal regulations, failure analysis, etc.) to not allow pre-production units to remain in the wild. We have an excellent track record of retrieving beta units from testers in the field, minimizing the risk of a beta unit disappearing.


  • Hardware tests are priced based on the duration of the test and number of testers.
  • Shipping is billed at cost (your account is preferred).
  • Request a free beta plan to discuss your specific needs and get a detailed quote.

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