Managed Beta Pricing

Centercode Managed Beta Tests are a cost-effective way to improve your product.

Fixed Project Pricing

Centercode Managed Beta Tests are offered as a fixed bid based on the number of participants (in tiers of 25 or 50 based on product type) and the duration of the actual test period (in weeks), with tester participation guaranteed to meet the quoted tier. We offer a free consultation that delivers a detailed beta test plan, along with a quote for the Centercode team to manage that project.

Total Beta Investment (Centercode + Shipping + Incentives)

The only additional costs are the actual shipping cost (if the product is hardware), and the cost of incentives. There's typically no incentive cost if testers are allowed to keep the product. Otherwise the incentive cost usually ranges from $20-$50 per tester, and may be delivered in the form of other products, gift codes, or other rewards. Centercode provides an additional incentive tier for top performers at no extra cost.

Extending Your Beta Test

Additional weeks may be added at any time at a fixed price.

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