Managed Beta Programs

Our Managed Beta Program offering allows you to offload your entire beta program to our experts, ensuring amazing results, every time.

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  • Everything Included in Centercode Managed BetasEvery beta test in your Managed Beta Program includes all of the benefits of our Managed Beta offering, including shorter betas with fewer participants, high engagement rates, and all of the logistics managed on your behalf. Learn more about our Managed Betas.
  • Scalability Whenever You Need ItFor many companies, beta phases stack up at inopportune times; making it very difficult to staff appropriately. With our beta program offering, you'll have the ability to execute your beta phases without worrying about scaling headcount or straining your scarce internal resources.
  • Single Point of ContactEach Managed Beta Program includes a single contact to orchestrate your projects. This person will become familiar with your organization and continue to improve the efficiency of your beta program from one project to the next.
  • Consistent Success MeasurementWe include a standard measure of the state of your beta product in each final report we provide. This includes data points which can be compared throughout your beta program, allowing you to gauge product readiness while leveraging other key signals.
  • Access to All Prior Projects, Users, and DataWe will maintain all previous project data, including participant and feedback, for the duration of your Managed Beta Program. You're free to access, export, and utilize our reporting tools to analyze and manipulate this data.
  • Leverage Ongoing Best PracticesWe will create custom project templates which utilize your own best practices, including user segmentation, surveys, reporting, and more. We will continue to adjust these templates based on lessons learned and processes honed from project to project.
  • Your Own Dedicated Customer CommunityAt no extra cost we can include a custom implementation of our software with your beta program. This will include your branding and project templates. If you decide you'd rather run your own betas with internal resources you can keep your users, templates, and all prior project data.
  • Extend Beyond BetaIn addition to traditional beta tests we can run alpha tests, stress tests, and competitive tests (mock beta testing your competitors' products). We can run these tests on your behalf, or you can use your community at any time to do it yourself.
  • Price Chart and DiscountsWe'll provide fixed pricing (with pre-negotiated volume discounts) that allows you to plan your beta program accordingly. You can then lock in any number of projects under this pricing.
  • Pay As You GoYou still only pay for the projects that are actually executed, when we run them.

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