Managed Software Tests

Our tests focus on customer validation of the entire user experience. We've tested countless products, from simple mobile apps to desktop software to complex web applications.

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  • Large Beta Team Coordination Software beta tests often include large tester pools. Our processes and system allow us to smoothly orchestrate the entire project from beginning to end, saving you enormous amounts of time and effort, while ensuring consistently high levels of participation.
  • Key Distribution & Access Control The logistics of ensuring that a large group of users can access your systems can be very tricky in a pre-production environment. We'll handle the distribution of license keys or user accounts to access your software or system, saving you the time of supporting your users, while ensuring they're ready and able to participate on day one of the test.
  • Secure Build Distribution We'll ensure that your testers (and only your testers) always have access to and knowledge of the latest builds and release notes at all times.
  • Split Phases Software beta tests are often designed to include larger groups of users over the course of multiple builds. Our processes allow us to scale the test quickly according to your ongoing needs, expanding your tester pool to include new profiles and technical requirements.
  • Installation & Removal In the case of traditional desktop applications, many of the issues identified are sourced from installation and removal on "worn in" real user systems. We can test this process and ensure smooth interoperation in these varied environments.
  • Software Ecosystem Testing Many of the most critical issues found in a beta test are those that result from other software or plug-ins installed on your customers systems and/or browsers, that are difficult if not impossible to find in traditional quality phases. We'll work to identify these issues, helping you avoid costly misses.
  • Feedback Filtering Software beta tests often generate an enormous amount of feedback. We'll triage all feedback, sorting it by severity, marking duplicates, and requesting additional information when details are unclear. This way when the feedback reaches you, it'll be clean and actionable — saving enormous time and allowing you to focus your efforts on the most important feedback.

Customer Success Case Study

Learn how our Managed Betas team helped mobile startup Slice launch their first product.
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  • Software beta tests are priced based on the duration of the test and number of testers.
  • Request a free beta plan to discuss your specific needs and get a detailed quote.

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