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Referral Partner

Build Connections & Reputation

It's easy to find companies that would benefit from in-the-wild product testing. Simply introduce us to your customers and we'll handle the rest, including commissions for introductions that result in a deal.

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Sales Partner

Expand Value & Grow Revenue

Sales Partners are equipped with training and collaterals to effectively pitch Customer Validation to their clients. Furthermore, Sales Partners receive revenue sharing and co-marketing for continued growth.

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Solutions Partner

Differentiate & Drive Growth

Complement your service offerings with Centercode's proven Customer Validation platform and framework. Solutions Partners benefit from dedicated training, certifications, co-marketing, and mutual referrals.

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Our Partnership Vision

Centercode empowers product strategists and practitioners who take customer feedback seriously.
We enable companies to close the loop on customer feedback and launch products with confidence.
Join our mission to launch better products that users love, out of the box, all the time.

Launch with Confidence

Empower your clients to launch better products by testing them with real users, in real environments, over time. Close the loop on customer feedback with data that informs what you should fix, improve, and promote.

Complementary Solutions

Complement your core offerings with in-the-wild feedback from our global tester network and the Centercode Platform. By closing the loop on product feedback, clients can finally launch their products with confidence.


From blog posts and webinars, to events, certifications, and beyond, Centercode invests in partner training and client education activities to equip partners and generate greater awareness and brand recognition.

Revenue Sharing

Whether you sell Centercode to your clients or simply send us a warm lead, our partner programs allow businesses to receive revenue share. Furthermore, solutions partners can sell their own services on top of Centercode's platform.

Reciprocal Referrals

Centercode refers clients to our partners, especially those that need help along their product development journey. The most common requests include areas of expertise such as product strategy, design, research, and development.

Custom Integrations

Partners can request custom integrations between their tools and Centercode, extending the reach and capability of our joint solution. The impact includes greater awareness, end-user value, and customer retention.


"Creating a process that brings meaning to the feedback “it didn’t work” is what brought Customer Validation to GoPro. Our CEO says that before Beta, we'd launch a product and wait for the shoe to drop - and invariably, the shoe would drop. Now we still have challenges, but there are no surprises. That insight into launch outcomes is invaluable."


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