Beta Test Agreement Kit

Download a free set of Beta Participant and Non-Disclosure Agreements for use in your own beta program, along with a plain English guide to their contents.

  1. Everything You Need

    We've been running beta tests a long time, so we've hit all the key points like non-disclosure, participation, property rights, and more — all in a single document you can use with your testers.

  2. Helpful Explanations

    Bundled with the agreements is a companion document that explains what they cover and what you might want to tailor to your own needs, taking the pain out of all the legal jargon.

  3. Standalone Variations

    Since many companies already have their own NDAs, we included a standalone Beta Tester Agreement that doesn't cover confidentiality. There's also a standalone NDA should you want to keep things separate.

Download the Free Kit

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