What You Need to Know About
Hardware Beta Tests

In this chapter, we dive into the unique challenges that come with managing a hardware beta test. We also provide practical advice for handling and overcoming each of those challenges.

  1. What Makes Hardware Betas Unique

    Hardware beta tests have many unique factors that you need to consider, such as limited beta units, shipping logistics, and device compatibility. This chapter will look at how each of these factors affects your beta test.

  2. Practical Advice for Your Test

    This chapter explores the challenges of managing a hardware beta test and provides actionable advice for planning, kicking off, managing, and closing your test.

  3. A Handy Checklist to Stay on Track

    At the end of this chapter, you'll find a useful checklist that outlines all the best practices discussed throughout the piece. You can use this checklist to track your progress and ensure the success of your test.

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