Beta Test ROI Kit

Centercode's free Beta ROI Kit will teach you the basics of beta testing ROI and help you quickly calculate the value of a single beta test or entire beta program.

  1. A Whitepaper on Beta Test ROI

    If you've never understood the true ROI of beta testing before, or just want a fresh perspective, our whitepaper provides a solid foundation for using our ROI model or creating your own.

  2. Comprehensive Modeling Tools

    Understanding ROI is great, but starting from scratch is hard. That's why we poured hundreds of hours into creating spreadsheets that perform the calculations for you. You can provide just a few simple inputs or heaps of historical data.

  3. A Video Guide of the Process

    We don't just throw a big spreadsheet at you and expect you to fend for yourself. We've also created a detailed video that guides you through building out your own beta test ROI. Watch it now if you want to preview what we've built.

Download the Free Kit

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