Deliver Data-Informed Recommendations

You know that your success is defined by your ability to consistently deliver exceptional insight and results that enable your clients to succeed in the marketplace. You play a key role in helping your clients identify the product issues that should be fixed, improved, and even promoted before launch.

Using the Centercode Customer Validation Platform, managing and implementing enhanced Alpha, Beta, and Delta Testing projects with real users in real environments becomes easy, fast, and cost-effective. Deliver data-driven recommendations with product insights directly from your client's customers.

Surveys to Get Answers for Critical Questions

Leverage templated surveys so you can collect meaningful data from customers, or simply create your own. Generate rapid results to inform your product decisions with the perceptions, opinions, and beliefs of the market.

Craft Powerful Activities, Content, and Emails

To collect targeted feedback on specific product areas or features, you can create activities, emails, and tasks that allow you to engage with testers and guide them to the areas relating to your specific project needs.

Metrics at Your Fingertips

Live dashboards and reports help you and your clients stay on top of recruitment, onboarding, participation, and product feedback to ensure everyone is in the loop on their projects at all times.

Frictionless Management from a Single Platform

With the Centercode Platform, there's no need to use multiple tools to execute Customer Validation projects. With robust features and flexible configurations, it has everything you need to manage your projects from one place.

Seamless Integration with Your Existing Systems

Centercode’s smart APIs and webhooks allow you to automatically sync data with your client's existing tools so they can fully leverage your results and findings and extend the reach of Customer Validation across their organization.


"It's important to make data relevant for each audience and provide different stakeholders with the specific reports they need. With Centercode, I can give each internal team specific data sets in a format that is easy for them to consume and act on."

Craig Sturmer CEO

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Managed Services

Actionable Product Insight Delivered On Demand

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Community Panel Management

Deeply Profiled Customers
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Maintain an enthusiastic community and easily recruit for your business needs
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Lean Customer Product Testing

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Instant Product Feedback

On-demand access to customer
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