High-Impact Product Marketing
with Customer Validation

It’s every marketer’s worst nightmare: you did the research, defined the product and then...nothing (or worse, bad reviews). In a marketplace where experiences and impressions are communicated publicly and instantaneously, it can be fatal to wait until after release to collect and act on feedback from real customers.

With Centercode, marketers have access to the critical information they need to ensure their messaging reflects customer needs and preferences. Transform your Alpha, Beta, and Delta Testing data into actionable insights that positively shape your product’s branding and market positioning throughout its lifecycle.

Validate Your Concepts, Content, and Designs

Waiting until after product launch to customer attitudes towards your product can be fatal. Put your ideas in front of customers to get real validation during development and make improvements that drive product value.

Frictionless End-to-End Project Management

With one platform for managing all of your Customer Validation projects, you can easily collect product insights and roadmap ideas that are prioritized based on customer needs and market segmentation.

Identify the Features That Will Delight Your Market

Insight into the minds of your customers before launch is a powerful asset. Leverage customer feedback to reveal not only which features customers value the most, but also why they are delightful.

Seamless Integration with Your Existing Systems

Need to integrate with your existing issue tracking, business intelligence, or CRM platforms? No problem. Our intuitive APIs and webhooks make it easy to extend the reach of Customer Validation throughout your organization.

Feature-Rich Community and Recruitment Management

With Centercode's automated community features, you can easily recruit, maintain, and engage with a community of profiled customers and surface market insights on demand.


"The feedback that Centercode helps us generate is great for testimonials and other promotional materials. We can send positive customer feedback to our Marketing team verbatim, and give them access to a wealth of quotes and data from real people who have experienced our products in the field and are now looking to buy."

Alex Larsen Beta Product Specialist

Centercode Solutions for Marketing

Customer Product Testing

Modernize Your Approach to Customer Validation

Consolidate your legacy Alpha, Beta, and Delta Testing tools into an end-to-end test management platform.

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Lean Customer Product Testing

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Instant Product Feedback

On-demand access to customer
insights throughout the entire
product lifecycle.

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Managed Testing Services

Actionable Product Insight Delivered On Demand

We know resources are tight, let our
expert team manage your entire
customer testing program.

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