Leverage the Power of Customer-Validated Insight
with One Easy-To-Use Platform

Create customer testing projects, recruit testers, automate feedback collection, and quickly view insight reports through a centralized dashboard. It’s that easy to surface the insights you need to make rapid, data-driven decisions during the product development lifecycle.

Centercode provides a single system that aligns to the specific needs of product managers and the teams they work with. It's the only tool designed to streamline customer tests and give you a highly efficient way to share customer information and insights across teams and ultimately, improve product launch outcomes.

Frictionless End-to-End Project Management

Tired of using multiple tools to get product feedback from your customers? It's time to retire those legacy tools and upgrade to the one system you need for central management of every process related to customer test execution.

Product Insight Dashboards and Reports

Leverage powerful, customizable dashboards and reports that surface valuable product insights and help you understand customer attitudes before launch so you won't be caught off guard by user feedback after release.

Define and Prioritize Your Product Roadmaps

Customer feedback influences your product priorities and decisions. Leverage customizable forms and automated feedback scoring to collect and prioritize the insights you need to steer the product roadmap and manage your backlog.

Relevant Feedback on Key Product Features

Communicating test priorities is key to collecting relevant feedback. Create tasks, lists, activities, and content that align with your needs so you can guide testers to evaluate the areas that mean the most to you.

Seamless Integration with Your Existing Systems

Intuitive integrations connect your existing tools, from SSO and Jira, to CRM. Easy-to-deploy APIs and webhooks make it a snap to extend the reach of your Customer Validation program throughout your organization.

Answers to Your Burning Product Questions

There are probably plenty of product questions keeping you up at night, and your market can answer them. Leverage customizable forms and surveys to collect actionable customer feedback and get some peace of mind.


"Creating a process that brings meaning to the feedback “it didn’t work” is what brought Customer Validation to GoPro. Our CEO says that before Beta, we'd launch a product and wait for the shoe to drop - and invariably, the shoe would drop. Now we still have challenges, but there are no surprises. That insight into launch outcomes is invaluable."

Ed Nelson Director of Beta and Expert User Testing

Centercode Solutions for Product Management

Lean Customer Product Testing

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Instant Product Feedback

On-demand access to customer
insights throughout the entire
product lifecycle.

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Managed Testing Services

Actionable Product Insight Delivered On Demand

We know resources are tight, let our
expert team manage your entire
customer testing program.

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Continuous Customer Testing

Successful Rapid Iteration with
Agile Customer Testing

Remain flexible while improving your product with continuous customer feedback that helps you refine your product roadmap.

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