Customer Validation Framework

Practical Processes
for Compelling Customer Testing Outcomes

Put the full weight of proven techniques behind your customer testing program to expand its success. The Customer Validation Framework is used by industry professionals to increase program effectiveness, maximize ROI, and demonstrate the reliability of their results.

The Customer Validation Framework Sets the Standard

Partnering with some of the best companies in the world, Centercode has cultivated a holistic framework for effective customer test management over almost two decades of executing Alpha, Beta, and Delta projects and optimizing customer testing programs for our clients.

A Clear Path Forward with Practical Processes and Templates

Leverage the framework as a complete blueprint for your customer testing projects and program. With clear-cut procedures, schedules and milestones, tool configurations, and planning templates, your team will have a straightforward structure for executing effective projects and delivering results with confidence.

Concrete Best Practices for Scalable Efficiencies

Achieve continuous ROI improvement with a solid foundation of time-tested best practices and a modern approach to managing and measuring your Customer Validation projects. Continuing to iterate on its successes will allow you to respond to evolving organizational needs.

A Refined Approach to Measuring Program Success

Identify key metrics for reporting team successes, uncovering the organizational value of your program, and creating relevant goals that drive program improvements. These measurements help others in your company understand the value of your results and foster program adoption accross your business.

Customer Validation Project Lifecycle

Planning Phase

Practical steps for designing and scoping projects based on your individual objectives.

Preparation Phase

Best practices for preparing for your projects, including recruitment and onboarding procedures.

Test Phase

Tester activity and feedback management techniques that drive participation and engagement.

Closure Phase

A proven system for deriving actionable insights and delivering reliable product recommendations.

"The Centercode Platform is great for bringing in users, running tests, and collecting feedback, but that’s still just half of the equation. The other half is being able to tap into Centercode’s knowledge. It helps us improve our processes, better manage our team, and engage with our testers."

Toni Ruch Beta Community Manager

Claim the Advantage Over Common Customer Testing Challenges

Customer testing can be complicated, especially since each of its challenges builds on the others, and 50% of the difficulties arise before the customer test even starts. The Customer Validation Framework is proven to mitigate these challenges, giving you an inside track to project success.

Project Design & Scoping

Identify Objectives to Align Stakeholders and Team Efforts

Fine-tuned resources and best practices help you identify and bring clear definition to your project objectives, align your efforts with stakeholder needs, and keep your team focused on managing successful tests that provide meaningful results.

Assigning Qualified Resources

Maximize Your Time with the Efficiencies That Come with Expertise

Around 83% of those managing customer tests don't feel that they have the bandwidth or expertise needed to do the work effectively. Drive process efficiencies and increase your team's bandwidth with best practices forged by decades of test management experience.

Recruiting Ideal Testers

Find Targeted Testers Quickly - Every Time

The recruitment process directly impacts participation rates and the relvancy of tester feedback. Follow a six-step process for managing recruitments to fill all of your projects with testers who are not only part of your target market, but who are also enthusiastic and motivated to contribute their feedback.

Persistent User Engagement

Turn the 90% Participation Pipe Dream into a Reality

The industry average participation rates are at around just 20-30%, making it difficult for many teams to demonstrate project value. Utilize email reminders, engagement content, optimized outreach schedules, and automation configurations to achieve maximum participation and deliver clear value.

Collecting Useful Feedback

Increase Feedback Relevancy and Utility

Distinct feedback types, templated feedback forms, and proven survey techniques make it easy for testers to provide complete and relevant feedback in a way that's convenient for your team to track, prioritize, share, and analyze.

Deriving Actionable Recommendations

Take the Guess Work Out of Feedback Analysis

Shave hours off the time it takes to surface and report your most relevant, useful feedback with structured triaging procedures and templated reports. Use analytical methods to create actionable recommendations for product improvements and deliver elevated Customer Validation outcomes.

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