Centercode Impact Edition

A comprehensive beta management platform designed for companies looking to establish an effective, ongoing beta program.

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  • A One-Stop, Hosted Solution A central platform greatly increases participation rates by reducing the friction encountered by your testers and team. Being centrally hosted means you don't have to worry about servers or security.
  • Your Own Beta Community without User Limits With no user limits, Centercode Impact Edition helps you build a pool of thousands of prospective and current customers, pre-qualified and ready to participate in your beta program at any time; allowing you to launch each beta test in days rather than weeks.
  • Readily-Available, Targeted Tester Recruitment Centercode allows you to capture whatever customer information is most important to you, from demographic to technological. Every last detail can then be used to identify the testers that best represent your target market. This ensures your beta feedback is accurate and relevant.
  • A Toolbox for Beta Testing Every beta test is different. Centercode adapts to your goals, providing a variety of highly flexible tools geared specifically for beta testing. From digital agreements to surveys to assigned activities and user forums — our software ensures you can easily accomplish your objectives.
  • Project Templates and Best Practices Centercode starts with a fully fleshed out project template, which you're free to customize to meet your specific needs. These customizations can then be carried over to both save time and utilize previously learned lessons on future projects.
  • Defect Tracking Integration (Bugzilla, JIRA, etc.)* Centercode can be integrated to talk directly to your existing system, ensuring bugs don't fall through the cracks, while allowing your team to continue to use the tools they're already familiar with.
  • Feedback Automation* The Centercode platform includes a sophisticated set of features that can automatically manage your feedback based on your criteria and workflows. This makes handling large amounts of data much easier and more efficient.
  • Feedback Impact Analysis* Our software includes a customizable algorithm that can determine which bugs or pieces of feedback will have the most impact on your product. This can help you determine how to handle and prioritize that feedback to improve your product.
  • Custom Reports and Data Access The Centercode platform makes it extremely easy to access your data. Build custom reports in the system, distribute them to your team automatically, or even embed them on other sites. Alternatively, export your data and work with it in any other tool.
  • Access to Beta TestersAny company can announce their community and beta tests to our community of more than 150,000 testers (Betabound) to help build a team of targeted qualified testers. Our Impact and Enterprise Edition customers also receive a targeted email sent to community members that fit your specific recruitment criteria, so you know your ideal testers learn about your test.
  • Training and SupportYour subscription includes more than tools. You'll have access to both our training library and one-on-one training time. Beyond technical support (which is available 24/7), we also provide ongoing beta coaching to all of our software customers. This means you can call with any beta-related question and a professional Centercode beta manager will discuss it with you.
* Available only in Centercode Impact and Enterprise Editions
Centercode Beta Management Platform - Team Management

Pricing and Licensing See Detailed Pricing

  • $1395/month (billed annually)
  • Run up to five projects at once
  • Training and support are included
  • Beta announcements to our tester community are included
Centercode Platform Features and Benefits

Centercode Features and Benefits

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