Ongoing Services

On-Demand Access to Customer Validation Specialists

Bolster program efforts when your team is strapped for time, short-handed, or looking for some practical advice. With organizational deadlines pressing in, an extra set of hands with the skills to handle your toughest challenges can provide some much-needed relief.

Customer Validation Service Offerings to Support Your Program's Success


Personalized training videos created, recorded, and presented to your team on-demand to focus your Centercode implementation towards your unique Customer Validation objectives.

Project Strategy & Design

Hit the ground running with a turnkey test plan. Our industry professionals will interview your team to identify key objectives and design a tailored plan that aligns with organizational needs.

Tester Recruitment

Sit back and watch the candidates roll in. Our recruitment specialists engage and attract users from your target market, starting with Betabound's network of profiled candidates.

Project Execution

Best-practice execution of your projects or program with Customer Success Managers who are also there to interface with stakeholders, answer their questions, and present your results.

System Integrations

Boost your process capabilities with custom-built integrations. We'll work directly with your IT and Engineeering departments to configure platform integrations with your tools and systems.

Custom Process Documentation

Complete documentation of your Customer Validation processes and Centercode Platform configuration stored in and easily accessible from within your implementation.

Program Assessment

Practical recommendations for scaling and improving your Customer Validation processes and tools based on a full evaluation of your platform configuration and program.

Visual Theme Development

Give colleagues and testers a beautiful place to work. With skilled graphic designers who are also Centercode Platform experts, your implementation will get a face lift that's worthy of your brand.

Ongoing Program Success Backed by Dependable Service

Centercode offers premium services powered by Customer Success Managers that are dedicated to your success.

Certified Professionals

Partner with accomplished Customer Validation professionals who have mastered the Centercode Platform and the Customer Validation Framework.

High-Quality Deliverables

Every service is delivered using proven techniques and tailored to meet the individual needs of your organization. We'll provide actionable recommendations and a wealth of insight into program improvement.

Best-Practice Project Management

Experienced project managers guide every service to keep Centercode efforts alligned with the scope of the project and your schedule.

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