New Features of Centercode C15

Advanced Integrations

Endless Possibilities with Flexible API Endpoints

Sync the Centercode Platform with all of your unique business systems. Set up these easy-to-use features from directly within your projects, and get creative with all of the ways you can use data from all corners of your organization.

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External Feedback

Capture Insights from Mobile Apps, Websites, and More

Funnel crash logs, telematics, and user feedback from your apps, websites, and other systems to Centercode so that your users can share their insights no matter where they are.

Data Packages

Put Centercode's Data to Use Across Your Business

Simply define a destination, cadence, and set of program or project data. Centercode sends the data for use in auto-updating data visualizations and business intelligence reports.


Key Events Spark Communication Between Systems

Set up on-demand communications with other systems based on key activities, moments, or milestones. Send and retrieve information that can be used throughout your business.


Always Ready to Take Requests from Fellow Tools

Listeners allow Centercode to recieve and take action on information from your other tools. Receive product usage data, customer profile changes from your CRM, and more.

External Users

Make "Anywhere" the Place to Join Your Tester Panel

Seamlessly recruit and onboard testers by inviting people to join your community or apply for your projects from directly within your mobile app, web app, or other system.

Record Lookup

Your Tools Made Smarter with Data from Centercode

Quick-referencing your Customer Validation data from other systems expands their capabilities - from validating build access permissions, to looking up participation scores, and beyond.

Form Macros

Powerful Automation for Streamlining Your Workflows

Easy to set up and driven by the data you and your users submit or update. Automatically group users, send emails, adjust user scores, and much more based on a wide range of triggers.

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Updated Interface

A Fresh Face with an Intuitive Design

It's not just a new coat of paint. C15's beautiful visual update brings your go-to features to the forefront, personalizes each user experience, and enhances the look and feel of your portal.

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Project Profiles

Compulsory Project Profiles for Standardized Project Data

Add a step-by-step wizard to the project set-up process to guarantee that you've captured crucial project details that help you report across projects quickly and effectively.

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On-Demand Webinar

Centercode C15 Demo

Experience C15 and Centercode's new Enhanced Integrations. We'll show you how to set up and manage integrations at a project and program level, and share tips for how to use the new features to increase efficiency, reduce the margin of error, and make your results more accessible to stakeholders.

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Previous Releases

Check out some our previous releases to learn more about the modern features that contribute to the Centercode Platform's extensive functionality.

Centercode 14.5

The GDPR Release for Thorough Data Privacy Compliance

The Centercode Platform handles a great deal private user information so we've made sure it complies with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and added features that ease your compliance efforts.

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Centercode C14

Advanced Program and Team Performance Management

It was such a big release that we needed to skip a release number. Just kidding - 13 is just unlucky. We've implemented a way to manage your team's performance, added an out-of-the-box JIRA integration, and more.

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Centercode C12

Flexible Onboarding Experiences and Enhanced Reporting Features

We've updated the platform to offer custom onboarding experiences, made reports more powerful yet easier to use, enhanced our visual text editor, and added in-site access to support.

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Centercode C11

Increased Organizational Capabilities to Boost Individual Performance

C11 features new functions that help you organize your data, get a birds-eye view of your feedback, and keep tabs on your testers' project participation histories.

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Centercode C10

One Giant Leap for Customer Validation Test Management

We've made monumental improvements to feedback management, team collaboration, and workflows to modernize the way test managers execute their projects. This update has over 100 new features like Feedback Scoring, Feedback Automation, Duplicate Management, and more.

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