Centercode Core Platform

A Single Platform for All Your Customer Testing Needs

The Centercode Platform is a strong core for your customer testing initiatives with robust functionality, flexible community design, and project customizations that let you tailor it to meet your company's specific testing needs. Centercode’s modern suite of features empowers you to quickly and cost-effectively build a complete Customer Validation testing program.

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Increase the ROI of Your Customer Tests
and Gain Deeper Market Insights

Profile and Organize Community Members Based on Your Needs

Create custom profiles to collect the user information you need, organize users into teams for easy targeting, and craft unique onboarding experiences.

Maximum Control to Create, Edit, and Modify Your Assets

Create custom feedback forms, content, emails, surveys, reports, and all of the other assets you need to execute your Customer Validation projects and program successfully.

Report Insights That Influence Data-Driven Decisions

Turn mountains of data into valuable, prioritized insights and recommendations with the only platform designed specifically for modern Customer Validation testing.

A Single Modern Platform to Replace
an Unwieldy Mass of Specialized Tools

A Robust Toolbox

There is no need to juggle multiple tools, with all the features you need to manage your projects on one platform. Leverage easy tester onboarding, comprehensive project management, powerful reports, and much more.

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Powerful Dashboards and Reports

Leverage data across your organization that drives product improvements and enhances projects. Whether it's user profiles, participation rates, or product issues all of your data is available on one platform.

"The Centercode Platform allowed us to integrate Customer Validation throughout our entire development process and standardize vital information for the rest of the company. Today, executives want our data from design through release, and they won't launch without our tests."

Rob Hart Senior Technical Projects Supervisor

Bug Bounty

Reporting security risks to your team is easy with a simple form that collects all the information they need to resolve issues quickly.

Prototype Testing

Need target market feedback on your MVP or product prototype? Easily create projects and collect customer feedback fast so you can continue to iterate quickly.

Localization Testing

Don’t let a translation error ruin the experience for a whole country of customers. Verify the texts in your interface and documents with your international community of users.

Accessibility Testing

Leverage your more experienced community members to rapidly validate the product experience, and capture performance-related hiccups or defects that could reduce satisfaction or increase support costs.

Competitive Testing

Gain in-depth knowledge on the best ways to differentiate your product in the marketplace. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ products by testing them with technical and everyday users.


Implementing Feedback Scoring

Without the right tools, prioritizing your feedback can become one of the most time-consuming tasks of customer testing. See how our Feedback Scoring features automatically surface and prioritize your most impactful feedback.

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