About Centercode

We're committed to helping everyone benefit from the power of beta. Our software, services, testers, and resources have helped companies of all sizes release products with confidence.

Technology is a word that describes something that doesn't work yet.
- Douglas Adams, Author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

This brilliant (and highly accurate) quote is displayed proudly across a large wall in our California office, as we feel it best represents the primary initiative behind our company. We exist to help companies build better products.

We've helped companies of all shapes and sizes improve their products through successful customer validation, a.k.a. beta testing. Our beta test management solutions deliver shorter betas, requiring fewer participants, resulting in more and better feedback, with far less time invested. As a result, our clients achieve higher reviews, greater sales, fewer returns, and lower support costs. Our offering is comprised of the following four pillars:


Beta Resources and Best Practices

Best practices can mean the difference between success and failure in beta testing. To address this, we've developed the single largest repository of free beta test management resources available anywhere. This growing library of original resources runs the gamut from planning guides, to legal agreements, to proven tips on how to run a better beta test.


Managed Beta Test Services

We understand that some companies lack the resources or inclination to manage their own beta program. To meet this need, we offer fully managed beta testing services. Our services group has decades of experience in beta test management, offering an economical and extremely effective alternative to running your own beta tests.


Beta Test Management Platform

The Centercode beta management platform is built to handle every aspect of managing a beta test. Centercode helps you grow a community of profiled candidates, select the most qualified testers, collect feedback, share results, and much more. Best of all, it centralizes your entire beta program via a single highly integrated system.


Beta Testers and Testing Opportunities

We also have a growing international panel of over 150,000 beta test candidates called Betabound. This highly profiled community is one of our primary recruitment pools for our managed beta tests as well as a resource for our software clients. In addition, any company that's looking for testers can announce their test for free on the Betabound homepage.

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