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Get All the Tools You Need For User Testing Success

Using a limited set of features to solve user testing can have a severe impact on your product development, Centercode is the premium solution for user testing.

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Centercode Delivers More Value

Diversify Your Platforms

Don’t limit your customers. Centercode supports testing across all products and platforms. Engage with hardware, mobile, desktop, and cloud customers.

Do More Than Just Monitor

You need more than just a way to collect feedback. Centercode provides solutions for test planning, assigning activities, automation, and much more.

Inspire Better Feedback

One-way communication is a surefire way for testers to lose interest. Centercode allows conversations to close the feedback loop.

Comparing Centercode vs. 
Issue Collection
Collect issues and bug reports
Logs, Screenshots, Attachments
Add media to feedback
Jira Connector
Connect to a Jira project to sync feedback
GDPR Compliance
Ensure data privacy compliance
Dashboards and Reporting
Organized data about your product, testers, and project
Idea Collection
Collect ideas and feature requests
Sign Up Pages
Sign-up Pages Private and public sign up pages
White Label Branding
Add brand images and colors to a beta portal
Feedback Collaboration
Feedback comments, votes, and duplicates
Automated prioritization, testers scoring, and workflow

The Complete Solution to Superior Beta Testing

Create a Premium Beta Program

Having a dedicated and branded space for tester sign up, communication of activities, and location to collaborate on feedback is crucial in a top tier beta program.

Automation to Save Time

Centercode helps you launch efficient and effective user tests with out-of-the-box automation like tester encouragement, scoring, feedback prioritization, and more to save you time.

Better Results With More Effective Testing

Centercode was designed with decades of best practices built in. With more features dedicated to running beta tests than any of the competition.

Effortless Invites & Sign-Up Pages

Invite co-workers and customers into projects easily or create beautiful sign-up pages that won't require you to ask web or marketing teams to create.

Ready to Get More Out of User Testing?