Centercode for Support Teams

Gain a competitive edge by using pre-release feedback to better prepare for support inquiries. With Centercode, you'll get early insights into potential issues and customer experiences, enabling your team to create assets and workarounds to ensure swift problem resolution and exceptional service.

Successful Support Teams Use Customer Feedback to Prepare for Launch

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Consolidated Management from a Single Platform

Manage all aspects of user testing, including features, activities, surveys, content, reporting, and insight-tracking, in one place. This reduces complexity and ensures your team can focus on preparing for launch.

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Issue Tracking and Automated Impact Scoring

Create a comprehensive knowledge base using pre-release feedback. Develop articles, how-tos, and other materials to help customers efficiently and reduce support costs before launch.

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Generate Data-Driven Support Materials

Use pre-release customer feedback to prioritize articles, how-to's, or any other materials your Support team will need to develop to help your customers, reducing costs associated with your product launch.

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Faster Call Resolutions and Reduced Support Calls

Use user-submitted issues and other feedback to prepare for potential support call drivers. Develop workarounds to quickly resolve these issues so that customers are happier and more satisfied.

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Seamless Integration with Your Existing Systems

Centercode seamlessly integrates with Jira and other platforms. With the API and webhooks, easily move feedback from Centercode into support tools and develop reports to help you stay ahead of potential problems.

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Effortless Tester Recruitment and Onboarding

Reduce tester recruitment and onboarding time. Centercode’s streamlined process allows you to invite testers and start collecting feedback quickly, ensuring no delays in your testing phases.

Solutions for Support Teams

Engage your Target Market to successfully bring new products and services to market

Use Cases
  • Beta Tests
  • User Acceptance Tests
  • Field Tests

Recruit Existing Customers to continuously mature live products and services

Use Cases
  • Progressive Delivery
  • Early Access
  • Advisory Boards

Gather Employee feedback to enhance your products while fostering a product culture

Use Cases
  • Alpha Tests
  • Customer Zero
  • Employee Tests

Enlist Competitors' Customers to rapidly gain actionable intelligence about their products

Use Cases
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Testing
  • Comparative Research

Revolutionize Your Customer Support

See how Centercode can help you leverage real feedback from real end-users to enhance your Support team's efforts in preparing for launch.

Talk to a Product Manager
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The feedback engine makes tracking issues and ideas much easier, and with Jira integration, allows me to directly pass bugs to the dev team. This reduces the amount of time required to track issues and makes it easier to see the signal through the noise.
Mike S. Sr Director of Product Management

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