The best brands perfect their products with Centercode

Connected Products

Odds are, one of your connected tech products has been tested by Centercode. Likely, a lot more.

Your favorite brands use Centercode to reach into the complex tech ecosystems of future customers to improve product quality before release. Our platform helps them battle critical factors that are outside of their control — from cut-throat competition, to the infinite and potentially damaging online echo chamber, to evolving device ecosystems and interoperability standards.

The resulting products outperform competitors by earning more revenue, generating better reviews, and reducing costs through fewer returns.

Software Products

Leading players in the uber-competitive software space know that surprising and delighting customers is not about guessing, it’s about listening. That’s why today’s Enterprise, B2B, and B2C SaaS software companies choose Centercode to bring the Voice of the Customer into development.

They use our platform to co-create product roadmaps, improve usability, and uncover issues — ultimately leading to more intuitive products with higher customer satisfaction and less churn.

Streaming & Media

Turn on any smart TV and you’ll come across a slew of streaming and media apps that are tested before release using Centercode.

Companies in this space rely on our platform to mitigate issues like evolving device compatibility, heavy loads, and individual internet bandwidth. The product feedback they gather with Centercode helps them deliver delightful entertainment experiences that garner high loyalty and rave reviews.

Mobile Apps

First impressions are everything when it comes to mobile app success. That's why app makers across the globe use Centercode to improve initial app experiences, like account setup and product tutorials.

In-app feedback forms and tester recruitment make it easy to gather customer feedback, organize app improvements, and deliver intuitive experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

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