ReportING Automation

Get Results, Not Just Reports

You don't need just any data. Centercode translates user feedback into meaningful dashboards and reports that help you drive actionable results — without getting a PhD in Data Science.

A microscope and several screenshots of Centercode dashboard reports

Smart Reports, Smarter Decisions

Data is worthless unless you can use it to make good decisions. Centercode's reports and dashboards turn noise into action, so you can make game-changing moves with confidence.

Product Planning

Your business objectives are a slam dunk with prioritized customer feedback that identifies which bugs to fix and which features to improve for maximum product impact.

Man wearing wireless headphones and a screenshot of the Centercode platform

Daily Updates

Start your day off right with a snack-sized summary of project updates delivered to your inbox daily.

A cup of coffee and a Centercode report displayed on an iPad

Everything in Two Clicks

Drill down from high-level dashboard metrics and to the contextual details that make it so — in  less time than it takes to read this sentence.

Woman using a mobile device and a screenshot from the Centercode platform

Data, Decisions, Dashboards — Dig In!

Launch Successfully
Every Time

Empower The Whole Company

Give different teams the data they need, when they need it, with tailored, automatically distributed reports.

Qualitative and Quantitative

Why choose? Get the best of both worlds by combining the attitude discovery of surveys with unbiased bug reports.

Detail Deep-Dives

Every dashboard has more than meets the eye. Drill-downs gradually reveal layers of details about your high-level data.

Purpose-Built Dashboards

Get feedback, feature, and tester engagement insights with out-of-the-box dashboards built specifically for user testing.

Fix, Improve, Promote

See the top Issues to fix, Ideas for the future, and Praise to celebrate with a single glance at a dashboard.

Insights for Your Success

Like a product-specific crystal ball, Centercode shows what customers think of your product before you see any reviews.

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