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Centercode vs. 

Choose the Premium Solution for Beta Testing

Have you outgrown your current beta testing solution? See how you can build a better beta program fitting your product and brand.

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Centercode Delivers More Value

Automate Your Beta

Centercode is the only platform with automation built into every phase of beta testing.

Scale Up Your Capabilities

Hundreds of product, UX, and QA teams use Centercode to beta test everything with thousands of customers.

Build a Premium Program

Create a program that looks and feels like your brand to establish credibility and build an environment of co-creation with your customers.

Comparing Centercode vs. 
Feedback Collection
Collect detailed feedback from testers
Targeted Recruiting
Filter or screen testers to invite into your project
Survey Designer
Build custom surveys and send them to targeted groups of participants
Jira Connector
Connect to a Jira project to sync feedback
Digital Agreements
Create and have participants digitally execute your NDA or participant agreement
Incentive Distribution
Distribute incentives to testers
Feedback Collaboration
Feedback comments, votes, and duplicates
Automated Tester Scoring
Identify top testers as they receive scores for completing tasks and submitting feedback
Test Designer
Plan and schedule participant activities
Dashboards and Reporting
Organized data about your product, testers, and project
Candidate Panel
Build a panel of members to invite into projects
Mobile App
Android & iOS apps focused on the tester experience
Engagement Bot
Participant engagement bot that keeps your participants on track through the project
White Label Branding
Add brand images and colors to a beta portal
Automated Feedback Prioritization
Feedback prioritized by their impact and popularity with testers

Choose a More Effective Solution for Your Beta Test

Trusted by Top Companies

The top software and hardware companies in the world use Centercode to test their products and create premium beta programs.

Best Practices for Better Testing

Centercode has best practices baked in so you have a more effective beta test. And, with a library of hundreds of resources we can help answer every question about testing.

More Effective Beta Testing

Centercode customers have beta programs that are 87% more effective than companies that use other tools. Features designed for beta that will have a positive impact on your product.

Save Time with Automation

Centercode saves dozens of hours a week for those managing tests with built-in automation for tester outreach, admin emails and more.

Ready to Get More Out of Your Beta Program?