Get Real-Time User Testing Data, Everywhere You Need It

You work across different teams and tools; your user testing program should too. Centercode seamlessly integrates with business systems to keep data flowing through your company.

Periodic table of Centercode integrations

Meet Teams Where They Work

Getting data to and from other teams is tough without the right integrations. Connect to the systems stakeholders use regularly. Easy to set up. Easy to access. No more headaches.

Automation > Copy/Paste

Give ctrl+C and ctrl+V a much-deserved rest. Centercode automates the tedious work of creating Jira tickets for each new piece of customer feedback. The bi-directional sync means you'll be able to close the feedback loop without a single copy/paste.

Two puzzle pieces with the Centercode and Jira logos

Bye-Bye Complexity

Who has time to be the middleman between systems? Centercode integrations let you focus on communicating with your customers while the machines talk amongst themselves (robot uprising sold separately).

Diagram depicting Centercode webhooks and data packages

Track Tester Journeys

Get a deeper understanding of visitor traffic to your projects and programs. Drop your Google Analytics tracking code into Centercode so you can follow your testers on their journey through your testing portal.

Illustration of Ted with binoculars

Launch Successfully
Every Time

Jira Integration

Have your cake and eat it too with a first-class, bi-directional connection between Centercode and Jira.

Slack Integration

Elevate team collaboration with our seamless Slack integration, connecting project feedback directly to your chosen workspace.

Salesforce Integration

Simplify user management and feedback to enhance collaboration and customer insights.

Discord Integration

Send and update feedback, fostering better community engagement, collaboration, and insights from your testers.

Centercode Listens

Turn your testing program into a hub. Centercode takes action on data from your CRM, product analytics tools, and more.

Unify Your Data

Funnel crash logs, telematics, and user feedback from your apps, websites, and other systems directly into Centercode.

Spark System Communication

Set up real-time communications with other systems, based on key activities, moments, or milestones.

Testers Apply from Anywhere

Reach potential testers directly within your apps or other systems and recruit them to your projects or community.

Full API

Pipe testing data into any other tool, platform, or report with Centercode's first-class integrations and flexible API.

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