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Modern User Testing for Cybersecurity Products

The best security solutions are not only reliable and safe, but they are delightful to customers. Industry-leading cybersecurity companies leverage Centercode to capture real user feedback before release to avoid the crippling costs of product experiences that don't meet market expectations.

Upgrade Your Testing Program with Centercode

Effective Testing Means Trustworthy Products

Success in the cybersecurity space means having a zero-tolerance attitude towards failure. Products that launch with major defects are costly and can cripple organizations. Leverage early customer feedback to identify defects, define your product roadmap, and create highly successful products.

Fix Bugs Sooner to Reduce Costs & Bolster Your Brand

Fixing post-launch issues can cost up to 100x more than pre-release fixes. Modern user testing with Centercode helps resolve issues early, reducing costs and protecting your reputation from potential damage. These fixes also help ensure a smoother experience and enhance product reliability.

Stay Ahead with Continuous User Testing

Security products are only as good as the breaches they prevent. Continuous user feedback provides immediate insights, ensuring secure and satisfying user experiences. With ongoing feedback, you can maintain a competitive edge and quickly adapt to emerging security challenges.

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Running a Successful B2B Beta Test

Use these best practices to save time, money, and resources during your B2B beta so you can deliver top-tier security solutions with greater ROI.

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Centercode Solutions for Cybersecurity Products

The Only Modern User Testing Solution

Managing modern alpha and beta tests doesn't have to be complicated. Leverage Centercode's end-to-end, automated solution for executing user tests to achieve high participation rates, collect valuable feedback, produce actionable insights, and develop a high-value testing program.

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Build Trust with Secure Launches

Prepare for product launch by engaging with your market to identify vulnerabilities and ensure robust performance. Product Launch Testing equips you with the insights needed to confidently deliver secure, market-ready software that stands out in the cybersecurity landscape.

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Agile's Best Friend: Ongoing Feedback

Improve your product build-by-build and remain flexible with testing that is aligned with your market and needs. Continuous User Testing ensures you can stay on top of emerging security threats in real-time to deploy a user-tested fix. Empower your team to launch with confidence, no matter the release.

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Streamlining Tester Recruitment and Feedback for F-Secure

Since adopting Centercode, F-Secure has streamlined its beta testing by recruiting over 4,400 engaged testers and establishing a vibrant community of over 12,000 members. With better feedback triage, they’re now better equipped to develop top-notch solutions.

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