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Solutions that match your needs

Companies of all sizes use Centercode to gain product advantage through automated user testing. Whether you’re optimizing enterprise-wide or focusing on a single product, we have plans that fit your needs.


Get a taste of the power of Centercode

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Starter includes:

20 user audience

Invite up to 20 audience members to join your test

Test planning

Build your test plan to focus testers on product features on a schedule

Tester activities

Activities that tell testers what you'd like them to do

Content management

Create guides, instructions, or literature to support your project

Issues, Ideas, and Praise

Collect 3 types of product feedback from your audience

Duplicate detection

Identify instances of duplicate feedback to stay organized

Engagement bot

Centercode's engagement bot keeps your test running smoothly behind the scenes

Feedback prioritization

Centercode's automatic feedback prioritization system

Interactive dashboards

Dashboards like Tester Engagement, Features, and Delta Success

Program KPIs

Measure delta health, success, and impact to analyze and compare results

Mobile app

Maximize real-world engagement with the Centercode App

Collaboration & voting

Testers can comment and upvote feedback to increase its popularity

Custom branding

Theme your site with your company's branding

Slack integration

Direct feedback to Slack for immediate team visibility and action


Best for individuals and small product teams

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Everything in Starter, plus:

5,000 user audience

Build a profiled community of your own testers

Unlimited projects

Run as many projects as you want

Unlimited data retention

Keep all of your data from finished projects for comparison and analysis

Survey designer

Full-featured surveys for gathering rich quantitative data

Custom feedback types

Build your own custom feedback forms to collect specific information

Feedback automation

Automate feedback activities to save time and increase efficiency

Release distribution

Easily distribute software builds

Reporting engine

Build custom reports for deep-dive data analysis

Regression testing

Test and re-test features in a single, ongoing project

Custom project templates

Set up the perfect test for a specific product and use it every time

Custom email templates

Create a library of email templates that you use frequently to save time

Jira integration

Seamlessly connect feedback from Centercode into Jira for faster improvements

Digital agreements

Secure, searchable tester agreements or legal documents

Continuous onboarding

Seamlessly add new testers to a project anytime, ensuring smooth entry


Best for growing teams and programs

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Everything in Pro, plus:

20,000 user audience

Build and quickly access a whole community of highly profiled testers

Custom segmentations

Group testers or builders for quick analysis or access control

Granular access control

Create and grant access to specific roles to control what's seen

Advanced recruitment

Recruit from multiple sources and monitor the effectiveness of each

Advanced onboarding

Build tailored onboarding experiences for different audiences

Technographic profiles

Segment users by technology they use

Custom demographics

Store demographic & psychographic data for quick sorting and analysis

Workflow automation

Automate repetitive tasks within your program

Community surveys

Engage your entire community with in-depth surveys

Project profiles

Custom templates used to record and store important Project details

Referral system

Expand program through referrals and find your best evangelists

Team performance metrics

Measure & analyze your team's performance to ensure all tests are high quality

Full API access

Increase efficiency by centralizing data between your business tools

Branded engagement bot

Personalize the bot look and feel with your brand tone and aesthetics


Best for large, complex organizations

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Everything in Team, plus:

Unlimited audience

Keep your community growing with no limits on audience members

Dedicated infrastructure

Benefit from dedicated resources for optimal performance and scalability

Staging implementation

Test new configurations and features in a staging environment

Custom onboarding

Get customized team onboarding to quickly leverage Centercode's full potential

Security review

Engage in thorough security evaluations and audits during the sales process

Legal review

Negotiate custom contracts and documentation during the sales process

Custom integration

Get professional setup assistance to connect existing tools and systems

Dedicated CSM

Team up with dedicated expert focused on helping you achieve your goals

Custom templates

Continue saving time with custom templates for content, surveys, and more

Unlimited API calls

Endless integration for your platform, ensuring limitless scalability and flexibility

Trade compliance

Easily maintain compliance by controlling access via IP address and location

Custom SSO

Secure access with tailored Single Sign-On to align with IT policies

On-demand, expert test managers

Testing Services

Fully managed tests from the experts at Centercode

Dedicated test manager

We'll provide an expert to oversee your test from start to finish

End-to-end test design

We'll develop comprehensive, modern test strategies unique to your product

Targeted recruitment

We'll find a candidate pool of ideal testers directly from your target market

Tester selection

We'll select the best testers for meaningful feedback

Managed logistics

We'll coordinate and rapidly distribute your products to testers

Custom test activities

We'll design test activities aligned with your priorities

Engagement management

We'll ensure your testers stay engaged and enthusiastic

Feedback triage

We'll review, sort, and prioritize feedback for actionable insights

Survey development

We'll craft surveys that probe for deep and accurate user insights

Custom reporting

We'll tailor detailed reports to meet your specific needs

Stakeholder presentation

We'll create and deliver engaging updates for team members

Incentive management

We'll distribute tailored rewards to keep testers motivated

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