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Centercode vs.

Beta Testing Beyond First Impressions does a wonderful job at allowing you to get designs in front of people to get quick impressions, but that isn't what a beta test is about. Centercode is the premier solution for standing up and supporting your product's beta program.

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Centercode Delivers More Value

See Natural Usage

First impressions can help, but not as much as engaging with users as they interact with your product in a natural environment over a period of time. Get much more than just a first impression.

Automate To Do More

Focus on what matters with built-in automation to alleviate stress in areas like recruitment, communicating tester tasks, scoring testers, prioritizing feedback, and much more.

Build a Premium Beta

You want a superior program that matches your brand reputation. With Centercode, you can build the program of your dreams with a branded portal, sign-up pages, and emails.

Comparing Centercode vs.
Feedback Collection
Collect detailed feedback from testers
Jira Connector
Connect to a Jira project to sync feedback
Dashboards and Reporting
Organized data about your product, testers, and project
Tester Activities
Provide a list of activities for testers
Targeted Recruiting
Filter or screen testers to invite into your project
Survey Designer
Build custom surveys and send them to targeted groups of participants
White Label Branding
Add brand images and colors to a beta portal
Test Designer
Plan and schedule participant activities
Engagement Bot
Participant engagement bot that keeps your participants on track through the project
Feedback Collaboration
Feedback comments, votes, and duplicates
Automated Feedback Prioritization
Feedback prioritized by their impact and popularity with testers
Automated Tester Scoring
Identify top testers as they receive scores for completing tasks and submitting feedback
Digital Agreements
Create and have participants digitally execute your NDA or participant agreement

Continuously Engage and Test With Your Users

Integrate Into Development

Support ongoing releases and agile development with a continuous user testing program that seamlessly integrates into Jira, Slack, and Salesforce.

Build Confidence Better Data

Collect a mix of both qualitative and quantitative data and centralize your project, product, feedback, and tester data in a single location so you can quickly make better decisions.

Co-Create With Customers

A portal for users to engage with your brand, provide feedback on new features and releases, but most importantly help you create better products.

Establish a Premium Beta Program

Build a beautifully branded and themed portal, avatars, sign-up pages, reports, and HTML editable emails that match your brand and products.

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