Tester Automation

1,000 Testers. 1 You. No Problem.

Your automated tester engagement director manages thousands of testers in the background while you're busy elsewhere. He keeps feedback flowing in while you get the real work done.

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You. Doing the Impossible. Again.

Testing without automation is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. But with Centercode, there's no contest. Managing testers will become the easiest part of your day.

Tester Engagement Director

Meet the world's first (and only) automated tester engagement director. Ted assists you with your projects, keeps testers on track, and ensures feedback stays focused on your key features.

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Nurture Your Community

No more worrying about data decay. Automated nurturing keeps tester data up to date, including their locations, their new tech, and any other details you need for recruiting great testers.

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Regular Activity Reminders

Ted sends gentle but impactful nudges to keep your testers on track. They'll appreciate the reminders, and you'll reap the benefits: consistent, high-quality feedback from your customers.

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Launch Successfully
Every Time

Aligned to Tester Habits

If a tester usually submits feedback on weekends or evenings, they'll get a ping when they're most likely to respond.


Centercode sends reminders and updates at times that make sense to your testers — not just on Cupertino time.

Mobile With Your Testers

Testers receive alerts and complete feedback via the Centercode Mobile app, making it easy for them to stay engaged.

Categorized Cohorts

Import your test plan, then let Centercode bubble up feedback from your most important user segments.

Custom Onboarding Flows

Need to invite one group by link and another by email? No problem. You can tailor and automate onboarding experiences.

Recruit Targeted Testers

Identify candidates based on where they live or the devices they own with confidence that your intel is accurate.

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