Project Automation

Guiding Your Project to Sucess. Automatically.

Design your project, then let the Centercode Platform take it from there. With best practices baked into project automation, you can let go of test management anxiety.

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Better Than On-Time and Under-Budget

Centercode automates the majority of tedious testing tasks so you can focus on what matters most: your data.

Turn-Key Project Creation

Import your plan and sit back as Centercode completes project planning with scheduled phases and activities that cover the features you need tested.

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Your Project's Pulse

Dashboards give you at-a-glance access to engagement, feedback, project status, and anything else you need to know.

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Lead With Confidence

Centercode crunches the numbers and produces a single project health metric giving you confidence in your results and signals for increasing success.

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Launch Successfully
Every Time

Add Hours Back Into Your Day

You define what should be tested and when. Centercode makes sure it gets the attention it needs from your testers.

Adaptability When You Need It

Flexibility is key to success in building products. That's why we make it easy to adjust your project and stay agile.

Effortless Sprint Transitions

Centercode announces the start and end of each phase so you won't need to bother with email reminders to your testers.

Phase Health

Dig into risk and success factors of each project phase to see what's working and adjust what isn't in real time.

Metrics Over Time

Quickly cycle through days, weeks, and months of your project dashboards to see how your project is going over time.

Call to Action

Stay on track with automatic notifications that alert you if your test isn't producing actionable recommendations.

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