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Managed Testing

The Fastest (and Best) Way to Get Your Product Across the Finish Line

Centercode has managed thousands of successful user tests for hundreds of leading companies. Our experts ensure your test hits the mark every time.

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Some of Our Many Managed Service Clients

Honda Innovations

Fully Managed Delta Tests

Your Audience

Each test relies on enthusiastic users who meet your target audience goals — including the specific demographic and technographic traits that comprise your true market.

The network of Centercode testers

Our Experts

You'll be assigned both a program manager and a success manager who are supported by a deep bench of full-time Centercode specialists.

Different roles included as part of Centercode's managed test services

Our Platform

All services are delivered on the Centercode Platform, which gives you direct access to your testers, insights, and reports. You own all of your data and are free to transition to running your own program at any time.

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Why Centercode Managed Tests?

Centercode has managed more alpha, beta, and similar user tests than any company on earth.
Let our experience work for you.

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Managed Delta Testing Solutions

Centercode offers a variety of managed testing solutions, each leveraging a unique audience to gather actionable feedback throughout product adoption.

Engage your Target Market to successfully bring new products and services to market

Use Cases
  • Beta Tests
  • User Acceptance Tests
  • Field Tests

Recruit Existing Customers to continuously mature live products and services

Use Cases
  • Progressive Delivery
  • Early Access
  • Advisory Boards

Gather Employee feedback to enhance your products while fostering a product culture

Use Cases
  • Alpha Tests
  • Customer Zero
  • Employee Tests

Enlist Competitors' Customers to rapidly gain actionable intelligence about their products

Use Cases
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Testing
  • Comparative Research

How It Works

Centercode delta tests follow a proven process driven by experience and technology. Depending on your goals, we can operate in a fixed project-based model, or a continuous model aligned with your continuous delivery schedules.

Centercode's Project-Based Model of Delta Testing


We'll work with you to define your test objectives, activities, schedule, and tester demographic and technographic requirements.


We'll announce your test, select ideal testers, execute non-disclosure and participation agreements, and distribute the test product.


We'll engage testers to drive feedback which we'll rapidly triage. Results are always available in real-time and presented in weekly meetings.


We will make final and share all results. If applicable, we'll promptly collect test units and distribute incentives to testers.

Centercode's Continuous Model of Delta Testing


We'll work with you to define test objectives, requirements, and activities for the imminent sprint.

Tester Replenishment

We'll add fresh testers to address shifting requirements and/or offset any natural attrition.

Engagement Management

We'll continuously engage your testers to ensure activities are completed and feedback is provided.

Feedback Management

We'll triage all tester feedback, which will be available in real-time in both our platform and in Jira.

Results Distribution

Your Centercode program manager will review results and report recommendations in weekly meetings.

Centercode Delivers

Efficient Project Design

We'll scope an effective test that engages your audience while adhering to your schedule. Our testing efforts stay focused on the exact features and experiences that are meaningful to your success.

Smooth Logistics

We'll handle the complete distribution of your test units and/or software directly to your testers. For hardware products, we can optionally handle the speedy retrieval of your test units.

Ideal Targeted Testers

Centercode will identify the perfect test candidates that meet your requirements. Depending on your goals this may be from our global tester network, your existing customers, or your own team.

Ongoing Tester Engagement

Engagement is the single most common challenge in user testing. We'll proactively manage the tester relationship to ensure that high-quality feedback continues to flow with each new phase.

Tier-1 Feedback Triage

Our team will rapidly review and scrub all feedback to ensure clarity, originality, and accuracy. Once submitted, we'll enrich it with insights from moderated discussions with other testers and then prioritize it.

Weekly Team Meetings

Your CPM will host a weekly meeting with you and your team to present and review phase feedback, share recommendations, and strategize upcoming phases.

Actionable, Prioritized Results

All feedback is triaged for clarity and accuracy, ranked by severity and frequency, and aligned with your goals.

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Detailed, real-world quality problems derived from true user environments.

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Thoughtful improvements to enhance the user experience or augment your roadmap.

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The good stuff users love about your product. You just can't have enough of this.

Key Centercode Managed Test Benefits

Focus your time on your other priorities

Complete, turn-key testing solution

Full-time Centercode employees

Scalable to support your shifting needs

Targeted, hand-selected testers

Internationally capable

High participant engagement

Rich triaged and prioritized feedback

Real-time and presented results

Integrated into your systems (e.g. Jira)

You own all of your data

Take over if and when you're ready

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