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The Gold Standard in User Testing Platforms

The Centercode platform supports every aspect of your user testing program, while offering powerful automation to maximize your resources and consistently release amazing products.

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User Testing for Modern Products and Businesses

Centercode enables a whole new level of user testing with results you've only dreamed of. From simple recruitment of testers, to streamlined test planning, to automated tester engagement, to beautiful presentation-ready reports.

Why Centercode?

Typical forms of user testing such as beta, alpha, field, and UAT, have traditionally been more of a vague concept than an actual process supported by reliable systems. As such, productivity tools such as email and spreadsheets are often relied on, in conjunction with a slew of off-the-shelf commercial tools typically designed to solve completely unrelated problems. This typically produces poor results with maximum friction.

A diagram of all the different tools and platforms people use in beta testing

Centercode offers a complete solution that reduces both the know-how and the time necessary to run a successful test, while providing a beautiful modern experience to your testers, supported by advanced technology to ensure your results are actionable and truly improve your product.

Workflow diagram showing feedback going from testers, to Centercode, and onto Jira
*AF = Automation Flow

A Comprehensive User Testing Platform

Delta testing uses intelligent technology to produce rapid results with minimal time investment. Imagine: continuous, up-to-the-minute customer insights ahead of every release.

Feedback Automation

Structured feedback forms, smart scoring, and workflows in Centercode eliminate the endless hours you spend copying and pasting feedback between tools, prioritizing and routing issues to engineering, and following up with testers to get more context.

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A screenshot showing a list of user-submitted issues

Tester Automation

We help you find testers and keep them active with fine-grained profiling, automated engagement, community-building tools, and more. Your testers will love your tests as much as they love your product.

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A photo of a woman exercise and screenshot of a test planning interface

Project Automation

Every test needs a plan, but nobody wants to make one. With Centercode, you don’t have to. The platform automatically plans for you, manages tester engagement through machine learning, and distills results in easily digestible scores—ensuring your project’s success.

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It shouldn’t take a slew of emails and long meetings to get Product, Engineering, and Execs on the same page about your customer testing efforts and results. That’s why we’ve built robust scores, reports, and dashboards that get everyone speaking the same language and make it simple to communicate across teams.

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You can’t get the most out of your data if it’s siloed. Centercode’s flexible API enables anyone to create powerful integrations—often with no developer required. You can automatically import testers from your CRM, ship feedback to defect tracking systems, and countless other tasks.

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Periodic table of Centercode integrations

Security & Compliance

Delivering real-time customer insights that drive product success isn’t enough. We’re also committed to protecting your customers and your organization with the highest levels of security, reliability, privacy, and compliance.

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Typical Program Use Cases

Delta testing uses intelligent technology to produce rapid results with minimal time investment. Imagine: continuous, up-to-the-minute customer insights ahead of every release.

Engage your Target Market to successfully bring new products and services to market

Use Cases
  • Beta Tests
  • User Acceptance Tests
  • Field Tests

Recruit Existing Customers to continuously mature live products and services

Use Cases
  • Progressive Delivery
  • Early Access
  • Advisory Boards

Gather Employee feedback to enhance your products while fostering a product culture

Use Cases
  • Alpha Tests
  • Dogfooding
  • Employee Tests

Enlist Competitors' Customers to rapidly gain actionable intelligence about their products

Use Cases
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Testing
  • Comparative Research

Learn How Centercode can Enhance Your User Testing Program

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