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Centercode vs. 

Don't Settle for a Limited Beta Test

TestFlight is an excellent method of getting your early iOS app into the hands of beta testers. Still, it's just a piece of a more extensive set of tools you need to run your test.

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Centercode Delivers More Value

Achieve Better Feedback

Bugs are only a piece of the puzzle to validating your product before launch. Get more data with Centercode.

Diversify Your Platforms

Don’t limit your customers. Users are on diverse platforms and devices. Reach everyone with Centercode.

Test Beyond Download

Beta testing your app doesn’t end with a download. Engage testers throughout your test with Centercode.

Comparing Centercode vs. 
Sign Up Pages
Sign-up Pages Private and public sign up pages
iOS Only
Issue Collection
Collect issues and bug reports
Idea Collection
Collect ideas and feature requests
Praise Collection
Collect praise and positive feedback
Logs, Screenshots, Attachments
Add media to feedback
Feedback Collaboration
Feedback comments, votes, and duplicates
Dashboards and Reporting
Organized data about your product, testers, and project
Automated prioritization, testers scoring, and workflow
White Label Branding
Add brand images and colors to a beta portal
Tester Activities
Provide a list of activities for testers
Jira Connector
Connect to a Jira project to sync feedback

Level Up Your Beta Program

Create a Premium Beta Program

Centercode customers create branded beta programs to establish credibility and a premium environment for beta testers.

Enhance Your Data

Centercode provides multiple methods for collecting tester feedback. Don't limit it to shaking a phone to submit a bug.

Cover More Platforms

Recruit, collect feedback, and engage across all platforms to be confident in your next release with Centercode.

Assign Specific Activities to Testers

Centercode communicates the features and activities you need to be tested through email, web pages, and SMS.

Upgrade Your Beta Program With Centercode