Feedback Automation

Feedback the Way You Need It

Staring at an inbox full of unsorted feedback is no one's idea of a good time. Automate the entire workflow of user testing feedback with a system that collects, analyzes, prioritizes, and distributes on your behalf.

A screenshot listing tester onboarding issues

From Overloaded to Under Control

Feedback from user testing can seem overwhelming, especially when you have other responsibilities on your plate. Modernize with feedback automation software that works hard so you don't have to.

Clean Mobile Access

Centercode’s mobile app lets testers submit feedback the way they like best: on the fly and on their terms.

A woman submitting an Issue report and several testers upvoting it

Enrich Your Decisions

Centercode's prioritization algorithm uses factors like feature importance and feedback popularity to bring you a ranked list of your most impactful Issues, Ideas, and Praise.

Centercode Delta logo and screenshots of reports

Integrate Your Data

Connect directly to systems like Jira to create a seamless flow of data between Engineering and your customers, closing the feedback loop once and for all.

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Feedback That Sets You Up for Success

Launch Successfully
Every Time

The Better, More Efficient You

Increase user testing efficiency by over 40% by automating the tedious tasks of managing and prioritizing feedback.

Your Devs Will Thank You

Highlight where your dev teams will have the most impact and drive engineering efficiency with a stream of ranked issues.

Customized Feedback Forms

Add custom elements and questions to feedback forms to ensure your teams have all the data they need to act fast.

Logs, Videos, & Screenshots

Get the real-world context your team needs with data-rich feedback including logs, videos, and screenshots.

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