Centercode for CX and UX Teams

Your designs define the first impression a product makes on customers and whether or not they'll continue to use it.
Expand your methodologies to incorporate user tests with real customers in real environments to identify and address UX issues before launch, enhancing the value that your team delivers to the organization.

Exceptional CX Starts with Real Customers in Real Environments

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Frictionless Management from a Single Platform

One system for managing surveys, content, features, activities, recruitment, reports, and insight-tracking, and anything else you need to manage user tests.

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Stay on Top of Your Projects Through Customized Dashboards

Live dashboards allow your team to keep on top of recruitment, onboarding, tester engagement, and product feedback in real-time. Customizable dashboards ensure you can tell a compelling story.

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Seamless Integration with Your Existing Systems

Centercode easily integrates with your organization’s existing tools and platforms. With integrations for Jira and more, plus an easy-to-deploy API and webhooks, take your product development efforts to a new level.

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Craft Unique Activities, Content, and Email

Create activities that allow for easy engagement with testers to help you address specific project needs and test objectives. Get testers the information they need via customizable content and email.

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Build Surveys to Capture Quantitative Insights

Easily create custom surveys that enable you to collect quantitative data from your product's target markets and validate products before release. Maintain consistency across your program with custom survey templates.

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Manage a Community of On-Demand Testers

Build and engage a rich community of eager users excited to provide feedback and insights. Capture profile information, complete agreements, and recruit testers within a single GDPR-compliant platform.

Solutions for CX and UX Teams

Engage your Target Market to successfully bring new products and services to market

Use Cases
  • Beta Tests
  • User Acceptance Tests
  • Field Tests

Recruit Existing Customers to continuously mature live products and services

Use Cases
  • Progressive Delivery
  • Early Access
  • Advisory Boards

Gather Employee feedback to enhance your products while fostering a product culture

Use Cases
  • Alpha Tests
  • Customer Zero
  • Employee Tests

Enlist Competitors' Customers to rapidly gain actionable intelligence about their products

Use Cases
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Testing
  • Comparative Research

Revolutionize Your CX & UX Capabilities

See how Centercode can help you leverage feedback from real end-users to enhance your research and design efforts so you can launch amazing products.

Talk to a Product Manager
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With Centercode...we can point to just the right groups of users to give us the most valuable feedback, and then quantify and manage that data.
Le'Darien Diaz - Senior CX Analyst

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