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Centercode vs. 

Beta Testing is More Than Just Surveys

SurveyMonkey isn't designed to support your beta program. Centercode has planning, recruiting, feedback, and reporting features designed for your beta.

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Centercode Delivers More Value

Built for Beta Testing

Dedicated and branded space with features designed for end-to-end beta testing provides the premium solution for your program.

Automate Your User Test

Automation of everyday tasks like tester scoring and activity emails saves countless hours of your time so you can focus on improving your product.

Centralize and Integrate

Tester, feedback, survey, and project data all in one place that seamlessly integrates with your other business systems like Jira, Salesforce, or Slack.

Comparing Centercode vs. 
Survey Designer
Build custom surveys and send them to targeted groups of participants
Automated Survey Reminders
Set up automated reminders to thank and encourage testers to respond to surveys.
Response Logic
Direct respondents to specific survey questions based on their answers.
Survey Dashboards
See survey response rates and insights in filterable dashboards
White Label Branding
Add brand images and colors to a beta portal
Targeted Recruiting
Filter or screen testers to invite into your project
Engagement Bot
Participant engagement bot that keeps your participants on track through the project
Jira Connector
Connect to a Jira project to sync feedback
Feedback Collaboration
Feedback comments, votes, and duplicates
Automated Feedback Prioritization
Feedback prioritized by their impact and popularity with testers
Test Designer
Plan and schedule participant activities
Digital Agreements
Create and have participants digitally execute your NDA or participant agreement
Automated Tester Scoring
Identify top testers as they receive scores for completing tasks and submitting feedback

Get Your Time Back by Switching to Centercode

Simplify Tester Recruitment

Don't underestimate the power of tester recruitment, it's actually the #1 challenge of beta tests. Centercode offers features for invitations, sign-up pages, digital agreements, and web pages to communicate expectations to testers.

Get Better Feedback

Collecting feedback through SurveyMonkey doesn't open a conversation with testers to get additional details. Centercode has collaborative feedback where testers and admins can chat about an issue, idea, or praise to get more actionable feedback.

Automation Where You Need It Most

Automating only your emails to remind testers to complete a survey means 90% of your beta test is manual. Centercode automates tester scoring, feedback prioritization, tester activity emails, and much more.

Establish a Premium Beta Program

Build a space for testers so they can co-create and participate in your product development. Beautifully branded themes, avatars, HTML editable emails, and a central place to manage your test is how you create a premium beta program.

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