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New to Delta Testing?

Automated user testing, built on Centercode, designed to meet the demanding needs of modern products and passionate audiences.

The modern approach to
Beta Testing
Early Access
Competitive Testing
A screenshot showing a list of user-submitted issues

What is Delta Testing?

Delta is beta testing built on technology.

While beta is a nebulous process from the era of Waterfall development, Delta aligns with Agile and addresses modern challenges, such as diverse audiences, deeply connected products, and rapid iterative releases.

Unlike beta, Delta is scalable to cover the entire product life cycle, including many user testing scenarios: user acceptance testing, alpha testing, dogfooding, proof of concept testing, and much more.

Above all, Delta automates the tedium of user testing, producing more, higher quality results in a fraction of the time invested.

Illustration showing the evolution of Beta Testing to Delta Testing

Delta Automates User Testing

Delta testing uses intelligent technology to quickly produce outstanding results with minimal time investment. Imagine: up-to-the-minute customer insights ahead of each release, regardless of how fast you're moving.

Test Planning

Planning your test or phase is as simple as sketching out what you want tested in the spreadsheet of your choice — the simpler, the better. When you're ready, just import.

A screenshot showing a Delta Test planning interface

Tester Recruiting

Filter for the testers you want and go — it's that easy. You can qualify targeted testers by geography, interests, experience, technology, and much more. With Centercode, surveys are as simple or powerful as you need them to be.

3 photos of testers submitting an issue, an idea, and praise

Activity Engagement

Dynamic surveys are generated automatically for each feature or experience being tested. Surveys assess satisfaction and drive rich, actionable feedback at the same time.

A photo of a woman exercise and screenshot of a test planning interface

Engagement Automation

Meet Ted, an intelligent bot who continuously engages each tester based on their individual performance and behavior. As the project continues, Ted uses machine learning to adjust his strategy and tactics intuitively to reflect the areas of your product that need the most attention.

"Hello, My Name is Ted" name tag

Feedback Prioritization

Feedback is automatically ranked by Impact Score, using a wide variety of signals like sentiment, frequency, severity, feature priority, tester enthusiasm, and more.

Photo of a man wearing wireless headphones and a delta test reporting UI

Daily Scrum Updates

Keep your team in the loop on blockers, goal progress, and what's coming next with daily, scrum-style automated email that effortlessly summarizes the state of your project.

A screenshot of a daily test update email

Easy Integrations

Feedback is automatically pushed to your preferred source of truth, be it Jira or whatever other systems your team relies on. Bidirectional updates allow your engineers to work in their own environment while taking action on your findings.

Periodic table of Centercode integrations

Dashboards and Reports

Beautiful reports are automatically generated about product features, project phases, and much more. Say goodbye to hours spent building decks: a presentation mode and easy sharing allow you to quickly review results with your team.

A woman using a mobile app and screenshots of reporting UIs

Delta Use Cases

Delta testing offers a wide variety of results based on the product state and the audience testing it. One system, many uses.

program Use Case
Product State
Beta Testing
User Acceptance Testing
Field Testing
Your demographic and technographic target market
At or near feature complete, leading into initial market launch
A highly successful initial product release
Progressive Delivery
Early Access
Customer Advisory Boards
Your existing customers in the market
The next version of an existing product already at market
A successful, long-term product maturity cycle
Alpha Testing
Customer Zero
Employee Testing
Your co-workers (and sometimes friends and family)
Varies widely from very early (alpha) to post-release
A product-centric company culture driving high-quality product releases
Competitive Intelligence
Market Testing
Comparative Research
The real customers of one or more of your competitors
Released and available in the public market
Actionable market intelligence to drive your roadmap
Beta Testing
User Acceptance Testing
Field Testing
Product Launch Testing
Engage your Target Market to successfully bring new products and services to market
Progressive Delivery
Early Access
Customer Advisory Boards
Continuous User Testing
Recruit Existing Customers to continuously mature live products and services
Alpha Testing
Internal Beta Testing
Employee Testing
Gather Employee feedback to enhance your products while fostering a product culture
Competitive Intelligence
Market Testing
Comparative Research
Competitive Testing
Enlist Competitors' Customers to rapidly gain actionable intelligence about their products

Traditional Testing Just Doesn't Cut It Anymore

Technology has evolved exponentially, from the way products are developed to how they're consumed — and yesterday's testing methods just can't keep up.

1. Products are becoming more...


Remember when thermostats just controlled the temperature? Products of all types are growing more complex as they seek to solve increasingly hard problems.


In order to succeed in the eyes of your customers, your products need to work with and rely on other products and configurations that you, unfortunately, have no control over.


"Fire and forget" is no longer an effective product life cycle strategy. To remain competitive in the market, you'll need to continuously update your products as your audience evolves.

2. Beyond the Product

Markets are more competitive, while audiences have become more mainstream, far less patient, and expect much more for their time and money.

The Centercode Delta logo

3. In the End

Bringing a successful product to market is more difficult than it's ever been...
That's where delta comes in.

The Cascading Benefits of Delta Testing

Delta testing has massive and far-reaching implications for companies, their teams, their products, their customers, and you.


Conquer Markets of All Sizes

Delta testing benefits any company faced with the expanding complications that modern technology brings, from hyper-growth Silicon Valley firms born into agile environments, to the global modern enterprise coping with the challenges of an aggressive Digital Transformation.

A robot vacuum going over a rug

Top the Hardware & Software Charts

Whatever type of technology product you're building, delta helps you navigate the complexities of modern product delivery. Even if we're talking about a cross-platform, connected product with weekly releases to several international markets — delta testing was designed to handle it all.

Screenshot of a mobile driving app and a photo of a man in a convertible

Level Up Product, Quality, CX, & More

Delta delivers fresh intelligence, measurable product improvements, and employee-product interactions that benefit every pillar of your company, from Engineering and CX, to Sales and Support, to the entire C-suite.

Photo of a race car pit crew working on a car

Your Legions of Fans Await

Ultimately, it's your now-loyal customers who benefit from higher quality products that provide friendlier experiences and actually solve their biggest problems. In return, they'll reward you with higher sales, glowing reviews, and enthusiastic referrals.

3 photos of different testers using different products

Rest Easy, Friend

Regardless of your role within the organization, delta does more than help you finally sleep at night. Being at the reins of your delta program ensures you're always the smartest one in the room — with an unparalleled understanding of your product, your market, and your business.

Photo of a business man looking at his phone and screenshots of Centercode Delta dashboards

How Delta Testing Works

Delta tests operate in either a project or continuous fashion, based on your goals.

Centercode's Project-Based Model of Delta Testing


Cho, activities, and tester demographic and technographic requirements.


Announce test, qualify applicants, execute agreements, and distribute the product.


Testers are engaged automatically, driving Issues, Ideas, and Praise — ranked in real-time by Impact Score.


Final recommendations are made, products are returned, and incentives are distributed (if applicable).

Centercode's Continuous Model of Delta Testing


Pick the features, experiences, and activities that you'd like your testers to focus on.

Tester Replenishment

Fresh testers are added to address increasing requirements and/or offset any natural attrition.

Engagement Management

Testers are engaged by an automated agent who responds to their individual performance and behavior.

Feedback Management

Issues, Ideas, and Praise are enriched by collaboration. Results are then prioritized by Impact Score.

Results Distribution

Smart dashboards automatically summarize all results, broken down by feature and phase.

Delta Testing Delivers

Learn exactly what you need to to fix, improve, and promote in order to maximize your product success.

Delta testing drives rich, actionable feedback from a targeted audience — scored and ranked automatically to ensure the greatest impact on your success.

Photo of a frustrated young woman


Detailed, real-world quality problems derived from true user environments.

Photo of a man having an idea


Thoughtful improvements to enhance the user experience or augment your roadmap.

Photo of a man excited about a product


The good stuff users love about your product. You just can't have enough of this.

Delta Testing Impact

Increase Revenue
½ ⭐️
in product rating
Release Sooner
test cycles
Gain Participation
in tester engagement
Save Time
in time managing tests
Be a Hero
over 3 years

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