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Build Your Own Crowdsourced Testing Program

Centercode helps you build and scale a testing program that leverages customers for more testing and product improvement.

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Centercode Delivers More Value

Feedback From Your Market, Not a Lab

Limiting product feedback to trained professionals isn't representative of your market. Learn from your actual target market what issues, ideas, and praise they have about your product.

Build a Testing Program That Fits Your Company

Applause provides a service to fully manage your crowdsourced testing, but Centercode allows you to build your program to have a more significant impact on development.

Support Continuous Development and Testing

Testing doesn't end with a bug. Centercode provides features to support continuous development like test designer, regression testing, and continuous tester onboarding.

Comparing Centercode vs. 
Tester Feedback Engine
Collect participant feedback
Jira Connector
Connect to a Jira project to sync feedback
Regression Testing
Retest features as you improve your product - ideal for established scrum teams
Targeted Recruiting
Filter or screen testers to invite into your project
Continuous Tester Onboarding
Default tasks for new participants being onboarded
Test Designer
Plan and schedule participant activities
Virtual Scrum Master
Align your team with automatic daily project management updates
Delta KPIs
At-a-glance metrics on your project's health and your product's quality
Mobile App
Android & iOS apps focused on the tester experience
Automated Tester Engagement
Tester engagement bot that keeps your testers on track through the project
White Label Branding
Add brand images and colors to a beta portal
Survey Designer
Build custom surveys and send them to targeted groups of participants
Dynamic Dashboards
Quickly review project state and identify action items

A standing ovation from Centercode customers

Freedom and Flexibility

Using Applause limits the value you get from crowdsourced testing. Centercode lets you design and build a program that matches your company and products with custom visual themes, workflows, test designs, and integrations.

On-Demand and Scalable

There is no need to wait to hear back from the service provider about starting a new project. Centercode lets you spin up projects in minutes and scale testing to support all your product lines.

Turn-Key Test Automation

Focus on what matters most with built-in automation in the areas that cause the most stress. Centercode provides the only crowdsourced testing automation to help companies support faster development cycles and fewer testing resources.

Build Brand Evangelists

Ditch trained QA professionals you recruit with crowdsourced testing and leverage customers from your actual target market. Build brand evangelists by engaging with customers who want to perfect your product with real-world use.

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